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Rental home owners, give us a call to subscribe: 352-566-6145

Home owners, we are happy to answer your questions. is privately owned.

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Renters/Tenants: The homeowners manage their properties and listing, we don't have any more info than what is shown on the website.

Why manage your own rental property?

Managing your own property by handling negotiations, bookings and rent collection can save you a lot of money. Online advertising is inexpensive and "home watch" businesses are available to help out-of-area owners with the day-to-day home care tasks at very low fees, so it's not hard to improve your bottom line.

Why advertise on doesn't manage properties, we simply provide Internet Classified Advertising. Our site provides WEB pages for owner-managed rental homes within The Villages®. There are no agent managed properties on this site (our owners are not competing with professionals).

Our subscriber rate is $139/year which includes the ad on website as well as the Private Website for your personal marketing efforts. That's less than 40 cents a day! The FULL YEAR rate is about the same as a single 10 day classified ad in the newspaper and our ads include 10 (or more) photos of your home too!

We provide a discount if you own multiple rental properties. (All rentals must be listed.) Plus, your annual rate is locked-in on each subscribed rental unit as long as you continue to be a subscriber in good standing**. If rates increase in the future, your rate on a property will not change as long as your subscription on that property is continuous.

We are now in our 17th year of serving Village homeowners, and have hosted more than 7,700 paid ads during that time. You can view homeowner comments by clicking here.

Why two websites?

They serve different purposes and give our subscribers "the best of both worlds". allows viewers to see all of the rental properties, so you get great exposure in the "pool" of rentals without additional advertising. is the Private Showing website that allows viewers to see only your rental by entering your unique property ID (consider it a "secret code"). Use it for networking and newsprint advertising without exposing viewers to other available rentals.

Any "editing" that you do on the website automatically flows to the Private Showing website, so there isn't anything extra for you to do.

Benefits of

Your property is visible 24 hours a day and will be viewed even without additional advertising.

Access your account to edit your web space from ANY computer connected to the internet. (You may edit the listing 6 times per day.)

Presents at least 10 photos of your home in a slide show without you having to E-Mail them to prospective renters.

Photos - Rental Rates- Available Dates and descriptive information are shown on one page.

Advertising your rental unit:

You may want to run small classified ad to point to your private web space; such as:

See Photos-Rates-Dates-Info at:      

(ID: ="youruniqueID") 

Becoming a subscriber

When you call us to become a subscriber, we will ask you a few simple questions about yourself and the rental property, and we walk you through the payment process. Then we will set up your account, activate your web space, and send you a personalized Welcome e-mail that includes your login information and step-by-step instructions for getting started. No contracts, no paperwork. Your Credit Card or PayPal statement is the receipt for your tax records. Our phone number to subscribe is 352-566-6145.

Rates: Our subscriber rate is $139/year which includes the Private Showing webspace as well the listing on website.

We provide generous discounts if you own multiple rental properties. (All rentals must be listed.) We reserve the right to change rates for future subscribers. Your annual renewal rate will be whatever rate was in effect at the time you began your subscription as long as you are a subscriber in good standing** and there is no lapse in the subscription.

**We have a number of rules on the website to ensure each subscriber has equal opportunity to attract renters, and to provide the renters with consistent formatting and easy-to-read ads. See Terms of Use. As long as you abide by the rules we will grant you the locked-in rate for annual renewal provided payment is received on time. Those who ignore the rules will not be "grandfathered" and more likely will be removed from the website.


We can not help you obtain rental unit information. Call or email the Owner directly to discuss renting a property. The Owner's contact information is on the page which describes each specific property.  We do verify home ownership when a subscriber first subscribes.  Renters are encouraged to verify ownership. See Help & Information.


We are an independently owned and operated advertising website that is not affiliated with community developers. The website was founded in 2005 by local residents, Don and Marilyn, and is now owned and managed by their daughter, Judy, who lives in CT. When you call or send us an email, you are communicating directly with an owner and family member.

This site is for owners of properties located in The Villages who manage their own rentals. This makes property rentals more affordable by eliminating third party managers.  You will not compete with professional agents on this site.

A few words about Photos

You must own the photos submitted for use on our website and must provide them as email attachments. We do not download photos from any website in order to honor any existing copyrights, which are federally protected.

We take the time to edit every one of your photos so tipped, dark and blurred photos are improved as much as practical.  We watermark the edited photos with a copyright notice to protect our time and labor investment and reserve the right to exclusive use of the improved photos on our websites.  You retain the rights to your original photos.