Subscriber Instructions

These are instructions for accessing your account, creating/maintaining your property, and other helpful account information.


Owner Login
Account Menu
Dashboard & Editing
Private URL (
Deals and Cancellations
Property Display Order
Website Rules

Owner Login – Link in the upper right corner of the page - (for small screens, tap the three horizonal lines to the left of the VH4R logo to open the menu – owner login is at the bottom)
  1. Enter your email address and password
  2. (case sensitive)
  3. Click the Login button.

You will see your first name on a blue button in the upper right corner when you are logged into your account (or within the menu with three horizontal bars). This is your Account Menu link.

Account Menu

Your account menu has the following selections:

  1. Dashboard is the summary page of your properties.
  2. My Properties shows your ads as seen by a renter plus a few additional features.
    1. Green circle with a white check indicates an approved and public property
    2. Purple circle with a white bunny indicated a property pending Admin approval that is not public.
  3. Add Property allows you to start a new ad. A new property will be subject to Admin approval and payment. This will occur by call and/or email.  (You can also call us to add property to your subscription: 352-566-6145.)
  4. My Emails is an archive of inquiries sent within the last 12 months.
  5. My Profile stores your contact information. Only the “first name” information is posted to your listing.  All other entries are private.
  6. Change Password to update the account password
  7. Subscriber Resources are tips and links on a variety of helpful rental related topics.
  8. Log Out, please log out after each session to protect your account.
Dashboard & Editing

Upon login you land on the Dashboard and you will see a Subscriber Message area where site Admin will broadcast messages to all subscribers.

  1. Below the message is general listing information:
    1. Property street address
    2. Property ID number on VH4R (
    3. Property ID number for OH4R private site (
    4. Cumulative number of views (hits) to your property
    5. Cumulative number of inquiries sent to you
  2. Edit Property button links to your ad content and search settings.
    1. Input Short (headline) and Long (detail) Descriptions. We have placed some sample text into both fields. Delete or change as you wish. You may copy and paste from another file. Formatting, other than line breaks, will be removed.
    2. Search settings are based on your selections in the Homes Features and Special Features checklists. Check everything that applies to your property the items selected will automatically post to the ad.
  3. Post Rates button links to your rate scheduler.  You can set rates for specific date ranges. These automatically post in a standardized format on your property.
  4. Calendar/Bookings (or Calendar) button links to your availability calendar. Dates are assumed available until you input a “booking” to block off specific time periods. Click “Add Booking” to enter a reservation. Delete a booking to re-open dates.

You will receive e-mail from renters who use the "Email Owner" feature on your ad.  The initial email is from "" - the renter's email will appear in the SUBJECT line of the incoming email.

We are not responsible for emails that are redirected to Junk or Spam folders as we have no way to know they are not in your inbox (check Junk and Spam folders regularly).

You can find archives of inquiries sent to you in “My Emails” within the account.


Accepted Photos:

We will edit/approve/upload uncopyrighted photos within 24 hours. Two (2) photo edit/upload sessions per property are included in your annual subscription and may be used at any time during the annual subscription period. An “edit/upload session” is any number of photos submitted at the time, up to the max number allowed as advised in your welcome email. Additional photo space can be purchased for a max of 20 photo.

Formats: .jpg .bmp .png .zip (zipped files containing photos)

For best results:

  • Hold the camera in horizontal (landscape) orientation for all photos except the bathrooms, which may be better vertical (portrait).
  • Take interior photos during the day with lights on and window blinds open ¼ of the way to provide balanced light.
  • Take photos with bright windows to your back or to the side if possible

Images we don’t use:

  • Copyrighted photos – MLS photos are copyrighted and we will reject them.
  • “Combined” photos (no nested, stacked or side-by-side images).
  • Those with borders and imbedded text.
  • Photos including pets or people. We will do our best to crop or blur them.
  • Illustrations or floor plans as they are likely to have copyrights

Submitting photos – two options

  1. UPLOAD photos to the property in the Editing Page. Photos are subject to Admin approval and will be sequenced at our discretion within 24 hours.
  2. EMAIL - You may submit them by email to: photos (at)

In the subject line provide: Owner Name, Property#, (# photos total)

Photo sequence - We will use our discretion unless you specify the order. If emailing, you can name your photos by its number in the series or tell us in an email using the original photo numbers and the names of any new photos. Unless the error is ours, re-sequencing photos after posting will result in using another upload session, which may incur a fee.

Replacement photos - Please do not re-submit photos we’ve previously edited. If you are keeping some photos, go to your property and click photo to reveal the numbered sequence.Let us know which to keep, delete or replace.

Private URL ([OH4R ID provided]

Use it to advertise on message boards and other classified outlets, pointing renters to your ad to get the maximum benefit from having a private web site.

Deals and Cancellations

“Deals and Cancellations” is an exclusive area limited to a maximum of 15 properties, giving yours properties added exposure while limiting competition. The fee is $10 for 7 days. Properties are added to "Deals and Cancellations" the morning following receipt of payment or the soonest available start date. This is bonus placement of your property ad - you make the edits yourself. All site rules apply.  See payment links at the bottom of this page.

Bookings are confirmed via email.

Display Order

Properties are prioritized based on the most recent update to each ad. Subscribers are encouraged to keep information current and may update up to 6 times per 24-hour period.

It is not necessary to make a change to "bump" your listing to the top, but you must log in and “Save” on the editing page.

Website Rules

See Terms of Use for all rules pertaining the use of this website. Subscribers are required to comply at all times. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time. Changes will be binding to all subscribers. It is your responsibility to regularly review the rules to be sure you are in compliance.