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The comments below are unsolicited feedback from home owners who have listed rentals with us. We have provided their property numbers in the event you wish to verify the comments with the owners. Some of the accounts may be inactive at this time, yet we feel the comments are still relevant.  You can visit the owner's listing  by entering their property number below (then click the "Go!" button) and send them a message to verify their comment if you wish (we don't make them up!):


12/26/18 Dale said this at renewal… We’re taking a break from the rental side of things, so at least for now, we are not going to renew. That could change and if it does, even though it’s more expensive, we will certainly be back. I’ve referred people to this site a lot, it’s perfect for renting in the Villages. Thank you! #5643

12/22/18 New subscriber Rich said… Thanks for posting the pics so fast. Great service! #6135

12/21/18 New subscriber Debbie was happy for our assistance… I am struggling with learning all this. I’ll get better. I appreciate your help and your patience. #6136

12/18/18 At renewal Jack wrote… At this time I do not plan to Re-list our home. Your site has been awesome! Thank you! #5668

12/16/18 We alerted Terri to an important account concern and she responded… Thanks for your prompt action! #5850

11/27/18 At renewal Dottie advised her plans… Thank you so much we have had a successful year with your web site. We have decided not to rent anymore. Formerly #5646

11/26/18 After 3 years of advertising and many referrals to our service, Donna advised us…. We are not planning on continuing to rent our house as we will be moving to FL full time. It has been a pleasure working with you all and we have had a great experience using your website to advertise our home. Thank you for all your guidance and support it has been a pleasure. Formerly #4304

11/24/18 Barbara commented after we uploaded her photos… Good job with them. #6082

11/23/18 New subscriber Sue said…. Just wanted to say thank you. Firstly, for putting the photos on yesterday, so quickly - I started getting enquiries last night and agreed to a tenant this evening. Their brother is coming ‘round at the weekend to pay the deposit. Amazing - just 48 hours since I heard about your organization. #6079

11/21/18 We received this email from long-time subscriber Myra a few hours after posting her listing in “Deals and Cancellations”… I rented Jan/February/March before noon today I am so pleased. Will leave it up and hope to get a week of Christmas. Your site is wonderful. #991
11/16/18 At his third renewal Allen wrote… Thank you for your great service. #4475

11/12/18 Steve retired to The Villages and closed his account after 10 years and said… Great service over the years, always rented when I wanted! Formerly #1333

11/7/18 Patti booked her listing in Deals and Cancellations and said… I’m very grateful to your site. #5221

11/2/18 Days after Barbara re-listed her home and updated some photos she said… We have already had several people email us with interest in renting. #4628

11/2/18 John used Deals and Cancellations for the first time saying… Your Deals & Cancellations worked great! I was able to rent Nov. in the last week of Oct. after a cancellation. #1792

11/1/18 Ed referred another subscriber to us with this comment… I have been a very satisfied customer for many years and never hesitate to let people know what a professional, thorough, effective and affordable service you provide! #4339

10/28/18 Patti and Paul listed for 6 years and closed the account with these words… We are going to pass on renewing at this time. We will start over if anything changes in the future. Appreciate your service since 2012! Formerly #2218 & 3781

10/22/18 Caron said… You all do a great job. #4917

10/21/18 After 1 day on the website Peggy said… I've already had a lot of interest. #6017

10/20/18 After subscribing for 8 years John closed his account… It's with mixed emotions I sold this location…This note will confirm my decision. Again my best to you and yours and would give you guys a recommendation if ever asked. Best regards. Formerly # 1945

11/30/18 At renewal time Anne shared her plans… Just wanted you to know that we will not be renewing our subscription. Not that this hasn't been a wonderful experience but we are going to be living in our home full time and no longer have a need to rent it. We will definitely use your website in the future if we have another opportunity to rent our home! Thank you for making this such an easy process. Formerly #5607

10/15/18 Within 3 hours of relisting her home Ann said… And I already have a renter. #3902

10/10/18 After we posted her new photos Helen said… Looks great- you work hard for us all- thank you! #4495

9/30/18 After we assisted Mark with an issue he said… I much appreciate the fine customer service! #5904

9/27/18 Five year subscriber Steve said this at renewal… Thank you for the reminder, but we have decided not to rent our property, at least for now. We sold our house up north last year, and are planning on spending more time in The Villages. We have had good success using your website to rent our property and have, and will continue, to recommend you. Thanks again! Formerly #3148

9/20/18 Within hours of subscribing Janice was surprised by immediate renter inquiries … I have received at least 10 inquiries about the rental. Does that seem possible? People were asking before I even had information on the page. (We confirmed they were legitimate.) #5971

9/18/18 Four year subscriber Patty said… Thanks, but we already have our property rented for this winter, and we will be retiring next year and staying there ourselves after that, so we won’t have a need for your website. I do appreciate using your website for the years we rented out our property. I would definitely recommend your services to others. Formerly #3819

9/11/18 New subscriber Dave said… This is fun. I had not even added pictures or details on listing and had an inquiry within 1 hour. Several more since then while completing the listing. I have it complete now so wish me luck that they are not all just tire kickers. Thanks for getting pictures up so fast. #5952

9/10/18 A mix up submitting photos made Donna happy… Oh my gosh, thank you so much for your speedy reply. I wasn’t complaining when I told you my photos had not been published. I thought you were busy and didn’t get to it and that’s okay! As it turned out it was “meant to be” because I saved myself some money. Appreciate your time and kindness. #5773

9/3/18 Skip sold his rental had praise for the rental and FSBO sites… Thank you and BTW…….both of your websites worked beautifully and the advice given was invaluable……..much appreciate both of your help. Formerly #5518

7/21/18 At her second renewal Bernice said… We won’t be renewing again this year. Your site has been great for us and we will continue to recommend you. Formerly #5368

7/15/18 Gary decided not to renew saying…I currently have no need for your excellent service. I would not consider any other listing if I were to need it again. Formerly 5403

7/15/18 After listing 5 years Bill advised… We are living in our house permanently now and will not be renewing. Your site was very helpful and would recommend to anyone. Formerly #3049

7/15/18 Vicki sold her rental and commented… I have to compliment you on your website. It is so user friendly for owners and renters. Formerly #5379

7/9/18 New subscriber Chris said… Thank you so much. I have gotten about 10 emails from different people wanting to rent. I thank you for your site. #5816

7/1/18 New subscriber Kerry said… Great site. I'm sending out leases already! #5847

6/8/18 Judy subscribed in April and said...We have a rental contract for our home. We had so many interested in our listing. We will surely recommend your site to everyone wanting to rent their home. #5774

6/8/18 At renewal time Kathy wrote...I can't tell you how valuable your website has been to us. It saved us during difficult times. #5307

6/1/18 Jeanne recently sold her rental after subscribing for 5 years. She said...Thank you for your help all these years. You know I highly recommend your company. Formerly #3182

6/1/18 New subscriber Chris is happy with his photos and said....You are great. I thank you. #5816

5/25/18 Gail said this as she let us know she sold her rental of 4 years...Thank you for providing a great service. I refer people to the website all the time. Formerly #3977

5/19/18 Gary and Nancy listed their home for 5 years and shared good news at renewal time...We have now retired and will be enjoying our home in the villages ourselves. Thank you, to you and your team for the valuable service that you provide to allow us to reach so many people with our properties. I will always recommend VillagersHomes4Rent to anyone looking to rent their property or find one. Formerly # 2920

5/17/18 After two years of short-term rentals Norman and Sheila said...The rental results from your site have been much better than we expected and well worth the fee. We now have a long term renter which is much more convenient for us. We can certainly recommend your website to anyone. Formerly #4765

5/14/18 New subscriber Tom said...Great service. #5803

4/23/18 Jim subscribed 5 days ago and said...I have it rented for 3 months thx to you.. appreciate it. # 5775

4/16/18 Days after subscribing April said...Thanks for all of you help this past weekend…we already booked our entire 2019 winter season. We were amazed! #5770

4/6/18 Joan relisted her rental after a hiatus and said...Your service is EXCELLENT. We are already getting interest in our home...She followed with this after we edited and uploaded new photos...Oh WOW. They look amazing. #4221

4/5/18 Multi year subscriber Fran said...Why cannot all companies be as efficient as yours, thank you. #4744

3/31/18 Nikki decided to sell her rental and said...I continue to recommend you to folks I sell homes to ;) When we purchase another rental I will definitely use you again. Formerly #5423

3/29/18 At renewal time Jeff advised his plans...Your service is terrific but we are going to sell the house in May. Formerly #4091

3/25/18 New subscriber Maureen gave us some feedback after we uploaded her photos...The pictures look so much better than when I sent them to you! Got several calls yesterday. 2 couples came last night. The first couple to call me yesterday came this morning and left me a deposit for both months next winter;) Now I need a bank account just for their check and a contract. Your website is so helpful- I can't thank you enough. #5751

3/22/18 Multi year subscriber Kirk send us replacement photos and said...Thank you very much for the very quick response and action. I checked the web space and everything looks great. I am quite pleased with the results I get using your website and I'm happy to give you the repeat business. Keep up the terrific work! #4962

3/22/18 At renewal time Maria wrote...I would like to advise you that we will no longer require this service. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to use this service. Formerly #4967

3/18/18 Charlene is allowing her subscription to expire and said...Thank you so much and it has been a pleasant experience working with you. Formerly #4115

3/18/18 After subscribing for 7 years Richard and Ellen said...Thank you for this website, it's been a wonderful tool to advertise our home for rent, and has proven absolutely effective. We will not be continuing our subscription this year, as we expect to sell this June. Formerly #1868

3/12/18 Carol said...I only call you with questions or problems, but I want to let you know your website is working so well for us. Thank you. We have another property on the beach near St. Pete and cannot find a company that even comes close to yours so I truly appreciate yours. #5711, 5712

3/2/18 We alerted Jeff to an error and he said...Thanks for your great service!! #5502

3/1/18 After we uploaded her photos Penny said...Wow! That was fast!!! I appreciate your help. #5457

3/1/18 Ann alerted us to her plans to sell saying...Your site is wonderful. Formerly #2015

2/28/18 Patty said this about “Deals and Cancellations”...This extra service of yours has been marvelous for me! #3658

2/22/18 After we answered Patti’s question she said...Thank you! Quick work. I appreciate. I greatly appreciate your quick responses, too. #5198, 5199

2/21/18 Suzanne asked us to “hide” her listing because it’s rented and said...You make it so easy. #5073

2/14/18 Jo said... I received your email and I am thankful to you for your patience and your efficiency! I made a mess of my website and I’m very impressed with the results. Thanks again for the almost instant help and your competence in solving my dilemma. From a very grateful client, Jo. #3662

2/6/18 After alerting subscribers to a potential scam, Steve wrote...Thanks to your message when the scammer called I knew to hang up. It is great that you look out for us and we appreciate all you do for us. #2468

2/1/18 Seven Year subscriber Marianne advised she is not renewing because her unit is rented. She also said...Again, thanks for your assistance over the years. I have recommended your company to several other people who have been satisfied as well. I won’t hesitate to contact you in the future if circumstances change. #2126

1/26/18 New subscriber David sent photos with this comment...Thanks for making this process straightforward and easy to understand. #5686

1/26/18 Sherry and Ken moved into their rental saying...We will not be renewing because we are going to be able to retire and live there year round. The site has been marvelous and we were so very happy with your service. Thank you! #5010

1/24/18 After 3 years Jan decided to sell her rental saying...We've had great rental success with your website. We have owned the house for 38 months and have had renters for 35! Formerly #4087

1/15/18 Linda said...We love your site and the people we have met. #3486

1/14/18 New subscriber Linda received a solicitation for a competing service and told us...We could have rented our property 3 times over using your website so there would be no need to go anywhere else. #5653

1/14/18 New subscriber Mary said...Thank you for your speedy job of getting the pics loaded to the web site! Appreciate it! #5670

1/13/18 New subscriber Phil is booked and said...Service worked well. #5560

1/8/18 Bobbi received a reward for referring a new subscriber and said...What a nice gift and surprise. You all are the BEST! #4268 & 4946

1/2/18 Rolf, a subscriber for 6 years, said...You are doing a great job. Very happy with VH4R. #1940

1/1/18 We uploaded new photos for Teresa's listing and she said...Wow, that was fast! Happy New Year! #4212

12/24/17 Judy allowed her listing to expire after 4 years...Thank you for maintains such an excellent site. At this time I am trying to sell my house so will not renew at this time. Formerly #3372

12/22/17 We responded to Bernie's question and he replied...You are always helpful. #5420

12/20/17 New subscriber Steph said...Your website really works!!! #5635

12/6/17 New subscriber said this after we upload photos to his listing...Thanks for your service, I am already getting inquiries. #5612

12/4/17 Donald was very happy with the service...I took the first ad while the airline crew was sealing the aircraft doors while I was on a plane leaving Atlanta bound for South Africa. You were helpful then and run a good and fairly priced website. I thank you. Perhaps we will need you service in the future--rest assured that we will not look elsewhere. Formerly #4520

12/3/17 After alerting us to an issue, Rae said...Love your web support!! #2239

11/29/17 After we uploaded photos Barbara said...Thank you. You do a great job! #5569

11/22/17 John and Theresa said...Thanks for all your help, your website is awesome. #5587

11/17/17 Ruth is selling her rental and said...Thanks your web site for rentals was GREAT! Formerly #2576

11/16/17 Vickie advised she was selling her rental after 8 years...I want to thank you for the great service you have given me during the years in listing my home, and wish you all the very best. Formerly #1094

11/15/17 At her 5th renewal Pam advised she is no longer renting and said... Thanks for your service - I love the site and did get replies from people that were looking for a rental - your site was how I got my renters & I've recommended you to other people that wanted to list their homes or wanted a rent & will continue to do so. Formerly #3348

11/14/17 Robert, a subscriber for 10 years, said...Couldn’t be happier with your rental listing site. #531

11/14/17 After we swapped our some photos Mary said...Thank you much for making it easy for me. #3138

10/28/17 After we edited their photos Susan and Tim said...Thank you, Judy. You did a great job! #5530

10/24/17 Mary said this after alerting us her home is no longer for rent...Thank you. We love your site and got a lot of renters from it. We tell everyone to use you. Formerly #2796

10/21/17 Rita, Nancy and Bob said...Your site has been very instrumental in our renting the property and we very appreciative for your assistance and service. A property owner who is looking to rent a property must yes must use your services they would be remis if they didn’t. Many thanks and we wish you continued success. #4990

10/21/17 New subscriber Rich said...It's amazing. I don't even have photos or a description and people are asking about renting! #5519

10/21/17 Pattie is no longer renting but said...The service that was provided was excellent and we enjoyed using the service when we were renting our villa. #Formerly 3859

10/20/17 After 5 years of renting Martha said...We are now permanent Villagers and will no longer be renting our property. Thank you for the great service that your site has provided during our rental adventure! Formerly #2516

10/10/20/17 Jim sold his rental and said...I was very satisifed with your service. #5076

10/17/17 Three days after subscribing Mike said...Getting lots of action already. Thanks. #5501

10/10/17 Just 3 weeks into her subscription Joyce said...Just wanted to "Thank You" for your professionalism in helping me rent my home. I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without you guiding me through the process. My home rented within the first month of my subscription. Both my husband and I were amazed at the activity we had in telephone calls and showings. We weren't sure about renting an unfurnished home in the Villages, but there are families out there that are looking to rent full time. We were surprised. We had 5 showings within a 3 week period. So, thank you again. And, I have been referring you to my friends. All the best, Joyce #5435

10/8/17 Don was happy with his new photos...Thanks, Judy, for your great work! #4948

10/4/17 After posting photos Patti wrote...Thank you so much. I appreciate your quick response! #5199

9/26/17 7 year subscriber Christine...I'm retiring! But thank you so much for doing a great job on the website and offering this very affordable service. #1727

9/18/17 Andrea said this at renewal time...Thank you again for providing a great venue to view and show rental properties. #4792

9/7/17 New subscriber Bob said...I've already received five emails with no pictures [on the listing]. #5437

9/4/17 New subscriber Bernie jokes with us when we posted his photos...Working today????? It's a holiday!. We need to talk. Lol. Thanks for your concern for customers like me. #5420

9/4/17 Subscribers Pennie and Dan said...Thanks again for great service and results. #1097

9/1/17 New subscriber Cathy said this as we posted her photos...Thank you. You are a pleasure to work with! #5425

8/28/17 Barbara wrote...Thanks so much for providing this site. It really has been so valuable that I am seriously considering a second property and will advertise here as well. #4918

8/16/17 After 11 years on the site Marge sold her rental...Thank you for your site. It worked well for me. Formerly #316

8/4/17 New subscriber Laura said...We got our first renter-yeah! Thanks to your web site. #5369

8/3/17 After several years on the site Ed said...I am not going to renew but not because it is not a wonderful service, we are not going to be renting in the future. Should we revise our thinking you will be the first contact we will make. Thank you for your great and cost effective web site. #4291

8/1/17 Susan said...I'm sure thankful for your wonderful service. You greatly help out lots of people!! #5287

7/31/17 Nancy had this to say...Thank you for the reminder but I will not be renewing my subscription. We already have renters for next season and we are likely going to sell our property afterwards. I commend you on your service. You are a very professional, organized and impressive business and I truly appreciate how successful we were finding renters using your service. #4849

7/30/17 After we updated photos Nelson said...Thank you for the quick setup...We appreciate the great service you provide. # 5069 & 1578

7/18/17 At renewal Jeri advised she was not renewing as the home is occupied...Thanks so much for the great service. #3962

7/17/17 At renewal Jose writes...Let me say what a wonderful, fabulous website you have! We've had so many views on our home since last August it is amazing!! Since we placed our home for rent on your website I think there was only one month not rented thru March 2018...Couldn't have done what we did with our rental without Villagers Homes 4 Rent!! #4847

7/13/17 While emailing on another topic Denise said... I love your website and so do all the people who have used it, it really is a great tool for me. #5217

7/12/17 After listing with us for 9 years Ed advised he was selling his rental and said...Thanks for providing such a wonderful service. Formerly #946

7/11/17 After we uploaded his new photos Steve said...THX for the great service. #1954

7/10/17 New subscriber Bob wrote this when we upoaded his photos...By the way, before I even opened my welcome to VH4R e-mail, I already had several other e-mails from people who wanted to rent my yet-to-be-posted villa. Thanks! #5337

7/7/17 At renewal Matt wrote...We ended up getting long term renters so we won't be in need of the service for at least one year. We did receive many good quality leads so thank you for the service! #4219

6/29/17 At renewal time Cathy wrote...Thanks for this very helpful reminder. I would have missed this without the help. Don't ever underestimate the value of really great customer service. #2748

6/26/17 New subscriber Mike said this when we uploaded his photos...The site looks awesome. #5322

6/22/17 After subscribing since 2013 John wrote...We have closed on the home on Trellis Lane, #2928, it is gone. Thank you for your site and help over the years. Have a great summer and a wonderful Fourth.

6/17/17 After subscribing since 2011 (6 years!) Maura wrote...We are selling the rental and will not be renewing. Thanks for the excellent service you provided for several years. Formerly #1958

6/17/17 At renewal Harry advised...We appreciate your service this past year. It has allowed us to secure great renters for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. We have made the decision to sell our primary home in Seattle next April and move into our home in The Villages and will no longer rent our home. Thank you for making the rental process painless and profitable and good luck with your business. We would highly recommend you to any Village home owner considering the rental option. Formerly #4800

6/15/17 Subscriber Tony said...I appreciate your service. As a Real Estate agent for The Villages I constantly promote your site! You guys are great! #5161

6/12/17 Van said this as he closed his account due to the sale of his rental...In the future when we complete another rental house, we will contact you again. Thank you and we are very happy with your service and visibility. Formerly #4967

6/9/17 Multi-year subscriber Bert said...Thank you again you are the best place to advertise rentals at The Villages!!! #2186

6/6/17 Upon the sale of her rental Marjorie wrote...We have sold the property...Thank you for all your help with our properties in the past and I would surely recommend you. #3631

6/4/17 When her subscription expired Fran said...Thank you, we were very happy with your service but have rented for 2018 and will rejoin with you if we need to later. #4744

5/28/17 3 year subscribers Steve and Maureen said...We just sold our rental villa so will not need your excellent services. Fromerly #2901

5/23/17 Brand new subscriber Pat said this as we uploaded photos...WOW - you are great! And I already got an email from a prospective renter!!!!! #5288

5/21/17 New subscriber JoAnn joked about photos...What took you so long? Haha. That's wonderful thank you so much. It took me longer to figure out how to send you the photos. #5271

5/15/17 At renewal time Vinnie said...Yes I most definitely plan to renew...I have been very lucky. I have Canadians for November till April every year. And June is also rented. Thanks for all your help. Best $100 I ever spent. #3603

5/15/17 Oren advised he sold his rental and said...You folks provided a great resource for me while I was in the rental business. Thanks!!!!! Formerly #3581

5/3/17 Joseph said this... I have used this site for 2 years and have had great success with renting out my property.What I find most intresting, Is the ability of VillagersHomes 4 Rent to assist me with such good tenants. The quality of people is excellent. This site is by far the best in our area. #4204

4/28/17 Dianne said this when she contacted us to close her account...Thank you for your quick response. Very impressive! Formerly #2283

4/25/17 Mary advised her inentionsl to sell her rental and said...Your website is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. Formerly #2670

4/23/17 Jim said this about our photo works...thanks to you for your quick and careful work. #4746

4/22/17 Ed advised his plans to sell his rental...I have used your great website for renting my house in recent years (and found it very successful!). Now I may be interested in selling my house and using your for sale by owner service ( Formerly 2665

4/21/17 Joan referred a new subscriber to us saying...I really do like your site and recommend it to anyone who wants to rent their house or looking to rent. #4199

4/13/17 Rick said this upon the sale of hhis rental...Thanks for your great service. Your site(s) sold two houses for us and provided us with many renters! Formerly #3034

4/6/17 Mary said...We love your website, it's done professionally, contains all the info needed to get started and is easy to do, even for those of us technologically challenged! #4836

4/3/17 At renewal Wilf said...We have decided not to rent our house next year. We were pleased with the service and will be in touch should we wish to list our house in the future. Formerly #3522

3/24/17 Jo said...Photos you chose look great! Appreciate your efforts. #5223

3/22/17 Five year subscriber John said...Thank you very much for your website and it has been a very positive experience for my rental, unfortunately, due to [personal] reasons, I am selling my property. Thank you. (Formerly #2719)

3/20/17 Janis offered this praise...Thank you for your new "Deals and "Cancellations" section. I have used it twice and added 5 additional weeks for my rental. Response was very quick. Well worth my $__! A great new addition to your wonderful site. #4615

3/14/17 Terry appreciates our quick response...They should call you Speedy Judy :-) #3156

2/28/17 Mary said this after we uploaded her new photos...That was quick!! And the pictures look awesome. #3637

2/24/17 Jerry is very happy with our service and said...I have found your site to be (by far) the easiest and most landlord-friendly to use. T___ A___ and V__O should take lessons. Thank you. #4804

2/23/17 While asking a questions Fran said...You do a wonderful service for us all and thank you. #4744

2/22/17 NormaJean said this after we edited her photos...You did BEAUTIFUL! #4152

2/19/17 Cathy told us...You guys do a great job. #3903

2/11/17 Maureen referred a new subscriber to our service and said...We will continue to refer friends to you if we know anyone else who is hoping to rent a home in The Villages. #3811

2/9/17 New subscriber Mike said this after we posted his photos (after hours)...Thank you for the prompt service! Its nice to know I am not the only business owner that works till the job is done! #5167

2/8/17 Mike said this after posting his rental in "Deals and Cancellations"...Your site is wonderful. We have had a couple of inquiries. I can give a testimonial on what was the best $__ spent. #2951

2/7/17 Frank wrote this as he sold his rental...We were your 7th customer back in 2005. After many years of outstanding service from you, we are no longer renting our property. We have sold our villa. Please take our add off of the website effective immediately. The new owners are interested in renting the property. They will be contacting you to use your service...Thank you for all of your help. Your service was extremely helpful for many years. (Formerly #2286.)

2/4/17 Submitted photos and said...Rented the house already for March!! I think it must have been moments after you included it that I got an email!!! #5150

2/1/17 New subscriber Rick said...We have already received a couple of inquiries!...Whew...we're off! #5156

1/31/17 After 3 years subscribed Pete said...I don't think we will be renting our Villa this year. Thanks for your service. It's a great listing service- easy to navigate, upload and modify information. good job. (Formerly #3643)

1/29/17 After listing only weeks ago Lynne rented her home and said...Your website did the job and I thank you very much. #5132

1/28/17 Multi-rental owner Barb said...I would like to thank for their wonderful site. I have gotten phenomenal results renting my property. I always have to turn people down because of the quick response I receive. I have even been a renter and have been very happy with the properties. #4848 and #2932

1/24/17 Multi-rental owner Tori said...Judy, Thanks for your prompt response, you and your site is great. #3224, #4882 and #5171

1/18/17 James, subscribed since 2009, said this at renewal time...We would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance in renting our home since 2009. #984

1/17/17 Roy wrote...By the way, the website has been fantastic for me for the past 8 years. Great job! I have been very impressed with how smooth the operation is and how well it runs. I thank you for that! #887

1/10/17 At his 4th subscription anniversary Bill said...I will be attempting to sell my property #3399 this coming May 2017. Many thanks. Love the website and it worked well for me.

1/6/17 Kirk said this about us...I am quite pleased with the website and your personalized professional customer attention.
Days later he follows up with...Fantastic service! #4962

1/4/17 After updating photos Lou said...Great service as usual ! #4518

1/2/17 Multi-rental owner Kevin said this as he submitted photos for his newest rental...I've had pretty good response even without any interior pictures. #5045

12/10/16 Dan said...You have a very good value service for the people that want to rent/lease properties in The Villages. I will recommend you, and renew when it is appropriate to do so. But at this time, we are not able to continue. #4536

12/1/16 At her 3rd anniversary Maria said...You guys are great!!!! #3390

11/15/16 Diane has subscribed several rentals in the last few years and said this upon the sale of her last rental...It has been a pleasure dealing with your team all these years with my rental on Palo Alto. Thanks so much. (Formerly # 4596)

11/14/16 After subscribing for 2 years Jan said this at renewal ...I will finally be retiring and moving into my home, so will no longer be renting it. Consequently I will no longer need to maintain the ad. Loved your site. (Formerly # 3683)

11/13/16 2 days after subscribing John wrote...I have had two calls so far for single month requests, Feb and Mar, so it's working. #5038

10/27/16 Diane said...Thank you for your help and for giving us a very successful avenue for this rental. #4835

10/26/16 Long time subscriber Karen said...It has been a pleasure to work with your organization. (Formerly # 2632 and #4985)

10/19/16 Bert, a subscriber since 2011 said...I have been very pleased with your service and will come back if I need to. At this time I will not renew. I do recommend you to a lot of people, so keep up the good work. (Formerly # 2186 and #3238)

10/13/16 After replacing photos Don writes...Great service. Thank you. #4520

10/4/16 Long time subscriber Sharon said this as we edited a photo for her...Very nice job cleaning up the oil spot in the driveway - and you didn't even charge me like the guy did who pressure washed : ) #1877

10/3/16 Ken and Linda, subscribers since 2013, said this at renewal time...We are entering into a two year long term situation. Your service has been wonderful and we have been very pleased. #2843

9/21/16 New subscriber and homeowner Barbara writes...I just wanted to thank all of you for putting this site together. I was here visiting friends for a few days from August 30th to September 2 and I make settlement on my home tomorrow, September 22nd. I placed an ad on your site on September 10th after purchasing a new Village home without seeing it and was to settle on September 16. After deciding the day after first seeing that house that I wanted a different property instead, I now close on that home tomorrow, September 22nd. I received 6 inquiries and appointments were set for 4 of them. The second party to look at the house rented it long term, unfurnished, for 1 year. Not only did they meet the terms I was asking, they will take possession hours after settlement tomorrow and have paid me rent until December 31st in addition to security deposit, last month's rent and cleaning fee. This all occurred yesterday and settlement on the new home is tomorrow.
      I thought realistically that I could probably rent the house effective November 1st though hoping for sooner but never really expected to rent it prior to owning it and effective hours later. Thanks again.
     You all know how valuable this site is but I wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you. You all saved me a lot of effort and expense. I also utilized the forms you have posted for a lease and application which made this transaction so much easier. #4918

9/16/16 Linda said this as she moves into her rental of 2 years...I will recommend this site to others. (Formerly #3745)

9/16/16 Hal & Pat sold their rental and said...Thank you for providing us with high quality renters for 12 years. We enjoyed our own time in the Villages also but it was time to go. Thanks again and please thank Don for us. We had let your service lapse once years ago and our first listing number was in the 500 or 600s, one of your earliest clients. (Formerly #1087 - originally #185)

9/15/16 At her 3rd subscription anniversary Bernadette said...Great web site !!! #3733

9/14/16 Multi-property owner John added his new rental to the site and said this after we edited his photos...Thank you very much for your rapid and beautiful work!!! I got a call on the house already tonight; Well done Team. #4921

9/14/16 Hours after subscribing Gale said...I already got an inquiry on the home within 45 minutes of you sending me this info! Wow. #4923 and #4924

9/12/16 New subscriber Caron said this after we edited her photos...I'm getting nibbles already on the sight and the photos were not even in yet. You did a great job. #4917

9/11/16 The day after she subscribed Barbara said...I have already received 4 responses from this ad ... Great site. #4918

9/4/16 Lynn, an active multi-rental owner said...Please inactivate listing of my courtyard villa, #4232. It is fully booked through end of April and I may put it up for sale in May. Your website works!

9/4/16 Upon advising us she is selling her rental Joan said...Your web site is wonderful and thank you. (Formerly #3723)

9/1/16 At renewal time Sue wrote...Larry & I would like to thank you for your listing service of Villagers Homes 4 Rent. Our listing with you was successful in renting our home. We will not be renewing for next year since we have a year rental with the option to purchase. If in the future we need the listing service again, we will contact with you. Thank you, Larry & Sue (Formerly #4353)

8/28/16 Terry comments on her photos...You did fantastic job of editing. Thanks my friend! #4702

8/16/16 At renewal time Patti said...Thanks for doing such a great job with the website! #3695

8/16/16 Long time subscribers Hal and Pat sold their rental and said...Thank you for 12 years of good renters. Our first subscriber number was just 3 digits. We were one of your earliest customers. Thanks, Don. (Formerly #1087)

8/14/16 After we uploaded her photos JoAnn said...The site looks great! Very excited. #4861

8/14/16 New subscriber Nancy writes...Thank you for your website. I had 3 inquiries before I even finished my ad! #4849

8/4/16 Multi rental owner Lori said...Sorry for the confusion....glad you are so efficient! Thanks for all your help. #2090

8/1/16 New subscriber Dale said...Thank you very much for all you’ve done to help us advertise our property! It’s much appreciated! #4825

7/21/16 Pat said...My property...has been rented. You have been so very, very helpful. #2074

7/1/16 Returning subscriber Cathy writes...I already got my first interested response. Showing him the house tomorrow!! #2748

6/27/16 New subscriber Doug said...[we] have received a lot of response. #4767

6/18/16 Diana said...You are great group of people to work with! #4596

6/10/16 After we edited and upload her photos Myra responded...Pictures look very nice, thank you so much!! #4756

6/10/16 Richard sold his rental after listing it since 2007 and said...My thanks for the care and professionalism you have given our rental listing. Good fortune to you and yours. (Formerly #515)

5/26/16 Doug advised us he sold his rental and said...Thanks for the great service over the last 10 years. (Formerly #479)

5/25/16 At renewal time Becky writes...We have rented our home long term for the next 2-3 years and have decided to drop the listing. We have been very pleased with your product and will use it again if our place becomes available. Thank you for your service. #3554

5/8/16 New subscriber Susan said...So far I really like the website. #4708

5/7/16 Tom writes...Your rental web site has worked great for us, we started advertising in December 2015 before we closed and had it rented through March within a couple weeks, we also were able to get a renter for April in early February.#4503

5/4/16 After we implemented an account upgrade Sharon said...Love the change you made to allow us to get into our listings more quickly! #1877

5/4/16 Jackie has used the site as a renter and and owner and had this to say upon the sale of her rental...Thanks for the support over the past few years. P.S. We have used your site for several years ourselves as renters and like it a lot. (Formerly #3393)

5/3/16 New subscriber Bob told us...I'm already getting emails. #4705

5/2/16 Just 2 days on the site and Jim advised...We have already rented 2 months! #4700 and 4701

5/2/16 Denise advised us she sold her rental and also said...This website was wonderful for contacts and a great resource for a beginning landlord. (Formerly #3017)

5/1/16 A few hours after subscribing Terry writes...Wow, I already had somebody email me about Jan thru April...#4702

4/24/16 After listing for 4 years Tom advised...We will not be renting for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your great service. #2473

4/18/16 At renewal time Sharon advised...Fortunately, my home is rented for 5 years now, so I won't need to advertise it for awhile. Your service is wonderful, and when I need advertising again, rest assured I'll be in touch to reactive my listing and pay the going rate at that time. Thanks for the great job you do! #2742

4/18/16 Marlene advised us she is no longer renting her home and said...It has been a pleasure working with you. #3028

4/18/16 After subscribing for 4 years Bill advised...Sorry....we will not be renewing as we are selling the property....Thanks for your help over the past....(Formerly #2291)

4/15/16 Diane alerted us to a glitch on the website, which we promptly corrected. Her response...Thanks, Judy. That was fast! #4677

4/11/16 Long time subscribers Fran and Paul has this to say as they embark on a new path...Hi Don and wonderful have been so generous and understanding with renting our home, I think it is going on 9 years. Time flies. I am very sorry for for having to terminate the rental 191, we are going to take another leap in the Villages. We are hoping to build on that site this summer. I am sure that you could understand, please wish us luck. We have your hard work in getting the site up and running that we are able to do this. We are so happy your site has grown over the last years. We wish you more success , if anyone deserves it, it is you. Who knows we may end up calling you again. (Formerly #191)

4/10/16 In an email from Maria...Your site is so well run. Thanks for responding so quickly.#4418

4/6/16 At the conclusion of a brief email exchange Tom said...Thank you very much for the extremely prompt reply. What a great rental site. #4196

4/4/16 After we uploaded new photos Sharon exclaimed...Wow, that was quick! Thanks so much. I'm working on updating our ad right now. Too bad I'm not as quick as you : ) #1877

4/3/16 Multi property owners Carmen and Jim said...We want to thank you for the assistance you have provided us in advertising our propert[ies]. #2847 and 4032

3/31/16 Upon the expiration of her multi-year subscription Linda said...Your site had brought me many renters. #2251

3/31/16 Recent subscriber Judy said...You have great customer service!! You sent me the answer to my question on a Sunday, and it was Easter Sunday!! It is such a pleasure working with your company!! #4642

3/29/16 After listing for several years Lucia and Ron sold their rental and said...Thank you for this great website. Formerly #3181

3/26/16 After ONE DAY on the website Rick wrote...We have rented our home for the months that we wanted. #4046

3/23/16 After assisting Dan with a problem he wrote...Your service is great. #4536

3/18/16 After providing Guy with some information he replied...I appreciate the good work you do and service you provide. #4374

3/13/16 Josy asked us to "hide" her listing saying...Please archive my listing #3217 as I have a long-term renter. Thanks for your wonderful website > which brings so many inquiries. #3217

3/12/16 New subscriber Annie wrote...Thanks again for all of your help getting this going. Your instructions were VERY thorough and really helpful!! #4651

3/10/16 New subscriber Judy said...Thank you so much for making your web site so easy to use!!! I truly feel, if I could do this anyone could!!! #4642

3/10/16 Kathy wrote...We have been very happy with our first year on your site :) #4182

3/10/16 After helping Don with a problem he said...Judy u r the best !! #3959

3/9/16 After removing some wet spots from a photo, Mike said...Great job on the side yard concrete!! #4648

3/3/16 Don and Mary wrote...Your site has done wonders for us through the years, but we are getting up there in age and have decided to move back into that home and sell the one we live in now. No more rental business for us. I'd like to tell you a story about our last rental. This couple from Nova Scotia has been looking through your site for a home in Tall Trees. They just about gave up when #1916 popped up! They called us and we made a deal the second day the house was on the site. I have already recommended your site to others. Again, thanks for everything. #1916

2/15/16 After listing with us for four years Linda advised us of her plans at renewal time...I just wanted to let you know that I will not be renewing my subscription because I am going to be moving into the house full-time. Thank you so much; it's been a great site. #2251

2/14/16 At her third renewal Jan wrote...I love your website (it is my only source of advertising) and have recommended it to numerous homeowners and potential renters. #2772

2/13/16 New subscriber Linda said this after we posted her photos...Thank you for the quick service! #4618

2/3/16 After corresponding on another topic Polli writes...And I hope you guys are as dazzled as I am over "about 1650 listings"....good golly that's a plentiful amount. Guess that means I am not the only one who believes you are the best place to list a property. Congrats but more appropriately CONGRATS! #3548

1/23/16 Five days after subscribing Oren writes...I just signed a one year lease on my property so please make my ad invisible for now.....Thank you so much for your great service......
We did as requested and he replied...Thanks for your speedy professional help. #4589

1/15/16 At renewal time Richard wrote...Great website and services. We have a long term renter and will not renew. #4057

1/13/16 Joyce advises us of her plans at renewal time...I wanted to tell you that I am trying to sell my villa, which is why I haven't renewed my listing. Your site is the only place I used to find renters, and it worked very well for me. I have recommended it to several friends. You guys have been very nice to work with. Hopefully I will sell! Thanks for a great service. Formerly #3396

1/2/16 Eight year subscriber Mary sent in updated photos and said...Thank you very much for your efficiency in posting our new and updated photos. Job well done! #1146

12/23/15 At the holidays Cathy wrote...Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you for managing the site for us! Very grateful. #4467

12/11/15 After we forwarded a missing email to Patty she replied...Thank you for for forwarding that rental request for the whole season...I soooo appreciate your extra efforts, thank you! #3658

12/8/15 After listing for two years Richard said...We've moved here permanently and probably won't list our home for rental again. You did a good job. Thank you. #3174

12/7/15 We edited and posted photos for new subscriber Jack he said...The pictures look good. #4524

11/25/15 After assisting Mary Rose she replied...It's been so easy dealing with you folks. And you're very quick in your response. Thanks for your help. #3460

11/23/15 Jim referred a new subscriber and said...VH4R is a terrific resource and it is a pleasure to refer others to your site! #4224

11/20/15 Mike said...We love your site and look forward to continuing with you. #4193

11/20/15 Nick wrote...You have a great website and we are pleased to be part of it. #3408

11/18/15 On the first day of her subscription Janie said...Your site is amazing! Within 20 minutes of posting the info on the site, I had 2 emails...before the pictures were loaded. Thanks so much! #4487

11/18/15 On the second day of her subscription Rose said...I'm very pleased with the way things are progressing. In fact February rental is no longer available .Thanks to Mary [inserted: a fellow subscriber], we pulled it off in 3 days. I will recommend your services. #4480

11/18/15 After subscribing for 3 years, Penny said...Thank you for your service. We have decided to sell our rental property in the Villages and will no longer be renting it. Your site proved to be very successful for us. We thank you for all the exposure you have permitted to secure renters. We definitely recommend this site to other owners we know who rent properties. #2690

11/16/15 New subscriber Allen said...Your service is great! #4475

11/2/15 With a long-term renter in place Debbie didn't renew, but she plans to return...We will definitely use your service in the future. #3264

11/1/15 After we posted her photos Susan said...Thanks. You’re quick. #4426

10/25/15 New subscribers Karen and Tom write...Thank you for having this wonderful service. #4420

10/22/15 Brand new subscriber Maria said...I am already getting inquires about our rental but I have not even posted pictures or a description yet.
10/23/15 She follows up with...Wow, already rented for Jan thru March. Thanks! #4418

10/21/15 After we responded to his email inquiry Wilf said...Hi and thanks for your prompt response. Great service.#3522

10/17/15 After posting his photos new subscriber Gary said...Just looked you did a great job. I will keep it as is and THANK YOU. #4130

10/16/15 At renewal time Debra wrote...Thank you so much for providing a great service. We are living in our home full time now so we will not be renting out our home. Thank you again for what you do, enjoyed working with y'all. (Formerly #3901)

10/15/15 New subscriber Marianne submitted photos and exclaimed...Hey, we're already getting calls!!! AMAZING! #4400

10/13/15 Kevin, a subscriber since 2005, emailed a question about search criteria to which we replied. His response back...Thank you for the rapid response! I checked again and it does work fine. Thanks again, you are the best, love the website! #221

10/11/15 New subscriber Mike submitted photos and said...Also, I'm very pleased to report that we have had several inquiries already just from the initial post you started...#4394

10/8/15 8 year subscriber Brenda said this when she sold her rental...Our home has sold and will no longer be a part of your rental program, it is #641. However, the people who bought it will be calling you to become part of your program, so please hold on to the pictures and info if you can. Thanks so much for all the years of great service, it rented every time! (Formerly #641)

9/21/15 Upon moving in to her rental Diane said...Thank you for all the wonderful years of working together. I have and will always refer your website to all new landlords wishing to rent their homes in The Villages. #1584

9/20/15 At renewal time Mary wrote...Thank you so much for your wonderful web site. Things have changed a little so I'm not renting. When I do again I will certainly use your site. #3138

9/15/15 Mark writes at renewal time...Thank you for all your help. You have a wonderful service. However, please do NOT renew my listing at this time. I will keep you as a reference and continue to recommend Villagers Homes 4 Rent. (Formerly #3831)

9/9/15 Multi-rental owner Pam wrote...We will not be renting our houses this year, so please remove them from the website. Thanks for all you do - its been successful for us. (Formerly #2525 & #2881)

9/5/15 Ken, a 10 year(!) subscriber, wrote...Recently we sold our villa (Property number 175) and no longer need to subscribe to your service. Thanks for years of great service. I'll certainly make referrals to your business since I have had a good experience. (Formerly #175)

9/2/15 Kim and Rae referred our service to new owner who subscribed with us. We gave them an extension to their subscription to thank them. Here was their response...Hey, thanks a ton! I would recommend you to anyone and everyone, even for free! #3239

9/2/15 After securing a long term lease Tony said...Thank you. I truly appreciate your wonderful service...I recommend you nearly everyday. You are a great outfit. #4124

8/21/15 After posting photos for Carol she said...Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much. I'm already receiving email requests. #4300

8/21/15 After posting photos for our new subscriber Ed he wrote...Very quick response. They look very good. #4291

8/16/15 After 3 years Katrina has moved into her rental and said this about our service...Thank you so much for your wonderful website and service. We have enjoyed many wonderful renters from it!!! Formerly #2605

8/16/15 Polli has this to say after we provided phone support...Again you were marvelous and so helpful on phone .. It's all part of why I stick with you all. I am treated like a person, not a client and ALWAYS with patient and this site are gems. Thank you! #3548

8/15/15 Myron secured a long term tenant and allowed his subscription to expire stating...Thank you Judy your site is wonderful. I think I have a great tenant for now but if we are vacant we will subscribe again. Formerly #3689

8/11/15 After two years with us Betty decided not to continue to rent and said this...I have found your services very useful, and the website was simple to update. I will recommend you if I hear of anyone who is looking for this type of service. Formerly #3794

8/2/15 Helen included this note in her 4th consecutive renewal...You've been great...sorry for the trouble you had with T.V. #2018

7/31/15 After assisting Keith with his request he wrote...You're not only highly responsive you're cool 2. #3828

7/8/15 After we posted photos to his new listing Jerry said...Many thanks. Amazed at the response we've gotten with only one day on the site. #4229

7/7/15 Joan, a new subscriber, is happy with her photos and said...They look amazing. Your website is extremely well run.
Later in the day we replied to an email question and she responded with...Your turnaround time is amazing. So impressed. We told the leader of the Canadian Loonies and Toonies group in TV about your site and he is spreading the word. Congrats on a great job! #4221

6/30/15 New subscriber Matt is impressed with responses to his ad...I have to tell you how pleased I am with your service so far! I had my first inquiry 1.5 hours after I posted, even before I had the pictures up so your service is paying off already! I have actually had 3 more emails and one phone call today, so am very pleased with your service. Keep up the good work!! #4219

6/26/15 Another new customer Monika writes...Thanks for posting the pictures so fast. #4213

NAME CHANGE COMMENTS: The following are comments from subscribers regarding the legal demand to change our website name. We truly appreciate the outpouring of support - thank you! (We do not typically post comments from renters, however many offered comments regarding our name change which you can view here: Renter Comments).
7/8/15 "...Happy your company is still working for us." Wes #3931

6/22/15 "Sorry that you had to go through all of this! I appreciate your services very much!!!" John #3569 and #4074

6/21/15 "Thanks, you must be pulling your hair out with the WEB site change, so I thank you for the quick response." Terry #3156

6/21/15 "We are so sorry that you and the excellent service you provide, have become the latest victims (oops - did I really say that?) of our friendly community minded " Developer ".

Please know that we will continue to support and appreciate your business endeavor under whatever name you will be using and will share your websites new name with our friends and neighbors.

Thank you for the excellent service you provide to this community. Our best wishes to all of you ." Suzanne #2199

6/18/15 "Thank you for the information. Congratulations on your wonderful service." Dale#4121

6/18/15 "So let me get this straight. They have rights to THE NAME OF THE TOWN? Are they taking Google maps and the state of FL to court as well?" Jayne #1246

6/17/15 "Thank you for the info, you apparently did not provide the required 10% to the Morris's. Good for you." Bradford #4147

6/17/15 "Got it. Always something, new rules to ruin things for everybody else.." Steve #1015 and #4138

6/17/15 "Wow, pretty petty and unbelievable; however, the new name is a really good one." Joan #1506 and #4068

6/17/15 "So sorry for you. Hopefully, this won't effect anything. Surely, it is not lawful for The Villages to take your old domain name??" Roger #3957

6/17/15 "Thank you for the info, and for taking quick actions to protect all of us. Sorry, you all have been put in this position, but thank you again for a job well done." Brenda #641

6/16/15 "Thanks Folks! Glad you are sticking it out and still providing this great service!!!!" Laura #3119

6/16/15 "They have all the money in the world but continue to gut the public anyway they can." Anonymous

6/16/15 "We read your email and were aghast. We cannot believe the greed and pettiness of the people who are now running the villages. We are sorry that you are going through this and wish there was something that we could do about it. We will continue to support your website in any way that you deem necessary." Anonymous

6/16/15 "Thank you for the update. Although, it is a shame that these demands have been made by the developer, I must say that I very much appreciate the steps that you have taken to insure that your business and the service you provide will not be interrupted. Kudos to you!! Thank you for all that you do." Susan #3281

6/16/15 "Screw the Developer! They are pulling this crap on everybody they can! I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just move on with the new name and “let them eat cake”!!!" Bob #3124

6/16/15 "How awful for you and despicable of the villages.......We've got your back!" Pam #2525 and #2881

6/16/15 "I am sorry to hear that our developer and his find it necessary to take this action. Thank you for the note. I will continue to use this site to advertise our rental." Richard #515

6/16/15 "Thanks for the info. Can't believe it. ($$&$). Can't see that it'll be a problem. I've notified new renter. Every past renter now properly owners!! Your web site brought them to us. The developers should pay YOU a commission, never mind mandating a change!!" Barbara #2011

6/16/15 "Not surprised. The Villages want to own everything." Steve #3644

6/16/15 "don...thanks for the update. after these 'bumps' in the road, I'm sure the change will be for the best for you guys. all the best to you and your family...keep up the great work." Paul #2133

6/16/15 "Unbelievable, talk about a one way street. One day all this strong arm treatment of loyal residents and businesses will Bite them." Rick #4057

6/16/15 "Thanks for the info. I wonder what will happen to all of the vendors in the area who use "The Villages Cleaning Service," for example. Bummer!" Karen #812

6/16/15 "Sounds like crap to me. When you buy a .com you bought the not the Villages per say. If you google "the villages" there are tons of "the villages" in the united states....I would say they are blowing some smoke your way. There is no legal basis to their cease and desist." Mark #2323

6-13-15 After we advised new subscriber Mike of our required (demanded) name change he writes...Working with your site and you has been a great experience. Lots of continued success. #4193

END of name change comments.

6-8-15 New subscriber Lou writes...So far, things are going well with the site. I received a number of inquiries so far and right now I'm very happy with the site and very optimistic that I'll be able to rent it. #4183

6-5-15 After we posted her photos Kathie replied...You are so fast! Thanks for great customer service :) #4182

6-1-15 After we posted his new photos Steve replied...Thanks for the quick turn around! Great service! #2762

5-27-15 After we retouched her photos Sharon said...Thanks for providing the lawn watering/fertilization. That was awesome! #1877

5-27-15 Tory writes...Really like your website. #3224

5-26-15 New subscriber Marianne writes...Thanks so much. Can't believe the quick response from the listing. We have it rented already for Jan-Apr!! Thanks for all your help. #4164

5-19/15 At renewal, long time subscriber Bud writes...I have a pending sale of my villa. If it doesn't go through I will have to renew. I have enjoyed using your web site over the years. Thank you. #1434

5-14-15 After posting her photos, new subscriber Norma Jean writes...Such an efficient wonderful site. Thank you! #4152

5-7-15 After updating his photos Gary said...Thank you so much, your service is fantastic. #3995

4-16-15 After 6 years on the site Judy is selling her rental and had this to say...Thanks for many delightful tenants. Formerly #1073

4-16-15 At renewal time Polly said...I don't think I want to rent my home any more. You all have been patient and helpful at all times and I appreciate you and your service. Thank you! #3548 (Thankfully she changed her mind.)

4-9-15 Barbara asked about her renewal date and then said...Will be on board forever!#2011

3-26-15 After asking Roy to make a correction to his listing he wrote...Thanks. I will fix it. I get frustrated over the number of inquiries I get about dates that my ad shows are not available. I forgot the rule and tried to make it where they would see not to inquire about Jan-Apr 2016. I guess that is a good problem to have! Your site is awesome. #2326

3-23-15 Jeff said...I can't thank you guys enough for all the help your site provides. #3721

3-18-15 After we edited and posted his photos multi-rental owner John said...YOU ARE AWESOME, JUDY!!! THANX! #4074

3-15-15 At renewal time 3-year subscriber Bill wrote...We now have the Villa rented for this summer and fall and all of next year. So we will let our Renewal lapse and resubmit if needed in 2017. Thanks, your site has worked very well for us. #2280

3-3-15 At renewal time 3-year subscriber Barry wrote...Thank you, but my tenant is staying into late 2016 or 2017. Thank you for your service. Will be back. #2274
2-23-15 New subscriber Robert said...Thanks for an amazing web service!! #4040

2-23-15 Janis advised...Thanks for being so helpful during the time we have had the rental property. We recommend your service. (Formerly# 2681)

2-21-15 At expiration Peter wrote...We will not be renewing. Thank you for all you have done for us. Your service is exceptional. (Formerly# 3458)

2-18-15 Barbara has this to say after we contacted her to make an adjustment to her listing...Appreciate your professionalism. One more reason to be listed on your web site! #2011
2-13-15 Jo Ann said...You website is great and very well run! #3540

2-10-15 After assisting Pam with a technical problem she wrote...I'm impressed with what you and others like you can do. It's all beyond me. Thank you for your work and for making this site available to us. It's MUCH APPRECIATED!!! .#4036

2-9-15 After updating her photos Patti wrote...Thank you again for how promptly that was done. #3781

1-28-15 After replacing photos Terry wrote...Your site has been great. #3434

1-27-15 Multi-rental owner Lynn said...Please deactivate #3966...your website and Don's photos have worked great! I have renters booked solid, the most recent for a one year lease beginning April 1. #3966

1-18-15 After posting photos to his 3 day old listing Steve writes...Thanks for the fast turnaround on that. I'm getting strong interest already. #4012

1-16-15 2 year subscriber Warren said...Thank you for the use of your website. I found it very helpful, and would recommend it to anyone looking for that service. Since I'm taking my rental off the market I no longer need the website services. Thanks again. (Formerly# 2746)

1-16-15 As Kim and Richard plan to enjoy their home they told us...We have decided to take the property off the rental market and spend more time in it ourselves. Thank you for your help this last year. Your site was extremely helpful to us. (Formerly# 3437)

1-16-15 2 day subscriber Jean wrote...Thank you. Already rented property for Feb., and contract pending for March and April. Truly love your website. #4011

1-14-15 Jo had this to say after we addressed a login problem...Thank you for such a prompt service. #3662

1-9-15 Beverly had this to say as she ended her 9 years of continuous subscription...
Hi, Don:
Thank you for the renewal reminder, but since I have decided to sell my patio villa in May, once it is not rented, I will not be renewing my advertisement with you.I do want to thank you for the many years that I have used your excellent service. (Formerly# 126)

1-9-15 After troubleshooting a problem for Bob he exclaimed...Thank you Sooo Much. What Customer Service !!!!! #2892

1-8-15 After we replaced her photos Polli said...And you did a mighty fine job of a messy and confusing scenario and you are appreciated a great deal. Thank you! #3548

1-6-15 New subscriber Gary writes...Thanks, you've been fantastic. #3995

1-4-15 Jane said...Thank you for your great website. #3620

1-4-15 Within 24 hours of subscribing Kathy said...I've got 3 people that want February and 1 that wants March already--and that's with NO photos up! #3994

1-4-15 New subscriber Shelly is happy with her photos, writing...They look great! #3992

1-3-15 Lou, a subscriber for 7 years writes...You guys do a great job. I always enjoy working with you. #704

12-28-14 While she is no longer subscribing herself, Lisa referred new owners to us with this statement...You all are a pleasure to work with and believe me, I have no problem at all referring your site to folks who want to rent their homes in The Villages. I know you'll take good care of them. (formerly #2734)

12-8-14 JoAnn advised...Thanks for the service you provide. It enabled us to find the repeat renters we have. (formerly #2160)

12-7-14 Linda, a subscriber since 2008, has this to say as she plans her move to TheVillages...We do not anticipate renting our place again as we hope to move up there to a larger place. If, however, that doesn’t work out by next Nov., I will definitely be back on your site. I’d like to take a second to thank you for this site, as we were always able to rent our villa. (formerly #937)

12-5-14 Two year subscriber Ron writes...Great rental service you have. It works great. #3298

11-24-14 New subscriber Debra writes...Thank you again for your service and great job you guys do! #3901

11-24-14 After posting his photos Wes replies...Thank you for promptly handling my [photos] and getting us on line. #3931

11-21-14 Carol told us...Your website is a God send to us rental owners. #3108

11-18-14 Multi-rental owner Pat referred a new subscriber and said...I told them your site was the best. #1971, #3429

11-12-14 Upon selling his rental John writes...I will refer the new owners to your site. Thanks for all your help these past couple years. You have a great service. (Formerly# 2316)

11-8-14 Four year subscribers Pam and Joe write...Keep up the good work! It is much appreciated! #2104

11-6-14 After uploading photos for multi-rental owner Fred, he said...Thank you for the quick service! #3457, #3884

11-2-14 New subscriber Stephen said...Thanks very much for the exceptional response time on the posting of the pictures. I have several bites but nothing firmed up yet. #3876

10-27-14 Multi-rental owner Bud writes...Your site is so great, I booked the months I wanted to rent. #3378, #3379, #3863

10-22-14 Rosie tells us...rental for 2015 is going great. #2289

10-17-14 Tim said...Great job on the site. #3263

10-1-14 After we posted his photos Barry said...You are fast. Thanks for the great service. #3800

9-27-14 New subscriber Patti writes...Thanks, your service is great! Have a great weekend! Patti #3781

9-22-14 As she advises she will not renew Brenda said...We have enjoyed our relationship with your company. #1220

9-10-14 After assisting John with a technical problem he said...Thanx for your help and dedication to providing top notch services. #3569

9-4-14 As Barbara moves into her rental she writes...Thank you all so much for your help in providing a web site that has been very helpful to me and my renters in the past. I have had some awesome renters and I know that were it not for your web site, that would have been much harder. #2019

8-27-14 Karen writes...Thanks for your services. My property has rented for most of the season. #3691

8-25-14 After updating photos Paul said...Have an interested renter already..24 hours! #2299

8-24-14 Jean writes...I am very pleased with your website. #1623

8-19-14 High praise from Trina...Thanks again for another wonderful year of renting!! I couldn't do it without you!! Thanks also for your great tips - they really work! You are stars!!

8-22-14 After making a change due to cancellation she added...I had just typed the correction and received an inquiry within 3 minutes! I was astounded! #2506

8-19-14 After updating photos Jim...Thanks, great job, we do not know what we would do without your site! You have allowed us to be fully rented for every month we wished to rent for 5 years! #984

8-15-14 At renewal time Mo wrote...Thank you for the notice. At this time we are not planning on renting this year. But if we decide to do so in the future we’ll be back. Excellent service! #3096

8-15-14 At renewal time John wrote...We will not be renewing our membership at this time. Thank you for your valuable process, it has worked great for us and we may come back at some point. (P.S. he did come back) #2545

8-14-14 Jo's comments on photos taken by our independent photographer...Wow! Love it... Great work.#3662
8-7-14 Paul tells us...Hello, have had great success with our Ad on Villages4rent! #3580

8-5-14 After we edited and posted her replacement photos Patti exclaimed...Thank you, you are awesome! #2218

7-30-14 After advertising with us for 5 years Diane advised...We don't plan to rent our home anymore... The site has been very successful for us. #1144

7-29-14 Upon the sale of his rental home Joe and Arlette said...Don, This is to inform you that my listing 617 was officially sold. It has been a pleasure to be part of your fantastic web site for so many years with always good service and ease of surfing and changing the contents. You will be highly recommended. Again, thank you for the past 7 years.

7-28-14 Pat referred a new subscriber and advised...It is always a pleasure and a great site. #1971 and #3249

7-25-14 One day after subscribing Jim said...Also have gotten 10 replies so far. This is a great site. #3651

7-24-14 Seven year subscriber Rob writes ... Thank you (so) much for a great web site. #531

7-11-14 Three days after subscribing Jim writes...At least 4 good prospects so far. #3625

7-6-14 Brett said...Neat site! #3619

7-5-14 First time rental owner Polly writes...Thanks to you and your prompt posting of pictures, I have a pending rental for Jan-March. Hours after you helped me! I started this journey of discovery (I was a VERY nervous first timer) on 5/21 and completed 7/5. I really, REALLY T H A N K Y O U. #3548

6-19-14 At his second renewal Perry writes...I already have my villa rented from July 1st through next April thanks to your service. I couldn't be happier! #2392

6-9-14 Bobbie writes...You are awesome! Things are moving quickly. Already had one person interested in Feb & Mar. #3587

6-4-14 After being on the site one day Charles writes...We had many people inquire yesterday about the home already! #3576

6-3-14 Newcomer Gary writes...I appreciate your attention to detail. We have [had] good response. #3481

6-2-14 Annette asked us to "hide" her listing stating...I have rented it for a year. Thank you for your service. It has helped me find the tenants I needed. #2201

5-25-14 New subscriber and rental owner Becky writes...Your hints on the Subscriber page were very helpful! #3554

5-15-14 Renewing for the 3rd time Rolf writes...Will be glad to pay for next year. Very happy with your service.

5-15-14 At renewal time Terry told us...You were great and well worth the 119.00 However our last renter never left and is leasing it year around. No need for me to renew at this time BUT I will use your services again. (Formerly #2942)

5-15-14 Rich and Eileen had this to say as they move into their villa...We do want to compliment you on the excellent website and service you provide. (Formerly #2378)

5-13-14 Jo Ann writes...Thank you Judy for your patience in helping me get started on my web page! What appeared to be so complicated, you made easy for me!
Your explanations were clear and concise. It is a pleasure dealing with you. #3540

5-10-14, After uploading photos for Daria she writes...I am so impressed with your operation-thank you! #3538

5-5-14, New subscribers Nancee and Zeke comment...Thank you so very much for all your help! We appreciate all your time and energy! #3447

5-3-14, Lynn writes to us 4 days after subscribing...Your site is amazing. I’ve had 4 inquiries to date and am close to renting the unit Feb. through April. #3526

5-2-14, After reinstating her expired listing in April 2014, Gaye writes asking us to temporarily "hide" her listing from view...Your website is so successful that we have a huge list of people who want to rent the villa. Can we just take the ad down for now, since I still have to figure out who is qualified and so many people keep writing us. #2475

4-22-14, Sue writes...Just wanted to thank you for this great site. We rented our home out quickly and have had numerous inquiries after that. #3205

4-19-14, Maria, a new subscriber in January 2015, inquires...MY property is rented, how do I show that it is NOT available on the website?? Many thanks, your website has been wonderful. #3390 

4-17-14, At renewal Millie said...Thank you very much, we have rented the villa on a long term contract for the next 2 years. We will definitely contact you in the future, if needed. We had great success renting the villa while posted on your web site. (Formerly #2965)

4-16-14, Six year subscriber Chuck tells us...You still provide the best service for a renter. #1902

4-16-14, After acknowledging her referral, Romayne writes...I have been very happy with your service and like to refer others. #710

4-13-14, Having successfully rented their home, Jeff and Linda write...We are entering into a year long lease and will not need the services of your wonderful website. We were extremely pleased with the site and the response we got with our rental. When we are again in the need of a website, we will most certainly be in touch. Formerly #2843

4-8-14, From Bob as he moved into his rental home...I just want to say thank you for having this site available all these years and the ease in which you made it possible. With your site posted on the internet, I have received NUMEROUS calls and e-mails from around the United States every month, although I only accepted yearly rentals. Fortunately, it has never been vacant more than one month over the past 9+ years. Formerly #1296

4-7-14, From John after we resolved an issue...You guys really do good work on this site and it shows. I appreciate your efforts and listening. #1214

4-5-14, New subscriber Jeanne tells us...We've been doing rentals in the Outer Banks for 15 years. You have, by far, the best and easiest site we have worked with and on. Thank you for making everything so easy! #3498

4-2-14, Helena said...Love your website! #2018

3-27-14, Roberts comments...You do a nice service for your customers. #3051

3-24-14, After uploading photos new subscriber Gary said...Awesome, thanks. Already have 4 inquiries before pics went up. #3481

3-22-14, Doug's response to a change in photographs...Thank you for the quick service. #1885

3-9-14, After listing for many years Ed writes...You provide a valuable service to many. Formerly #475, #476

2-26-14, Pam alerted us to the sale of her rental and commented...I just wanted to let you know how much I have benefited from your website. Formerly #1313

2-18-14, Mary's response after we uploaded her photos...Wow! You guys are speedy! #3401

2-13-14, A comment we received from Tom after editing his photos...The pics look super!! You are a genius!!! #1109

1-27-14, Multi-property owner Jill writes...We try and tell everybody what a great site you have!!!!!!!!!!! #338, #3409

1-20-14, Michael had this to say...great job on this web site, it has been great to use. #3327

1-16-14, After new photos were uploaded, Robert said...Thank you for being there for us. #1501

1-11-14, Kellie, a subscriber since 2008, tells us...I want to take the opportunity to thank you again for the valuable service that you provide. #811

1-9-14, Brenda, another subscriber since 2008, had this to say when she decided to sell her rental...Thank you so much for having my rental in your program. I always rented it for the times that I wanted it rented. Your site is a wonderful place for owners who wish to rent and for renters wanting to come to the Villages, I appreciate all of your help with setting up my rental pg. it all worked so smoothly for me. (Since then, she changed her mind and reinstated her listing #641)

1-4-14, Sharon advises at renewal time: I am going to let this expire as my tenant has signed up for another year. Your service is wonderful and I will be back...Keep up the good work! Hopefully, you can archive this advertising and I can just start it up again .... #2742 (Yes, we do archive photos and listings.)

1-2-14, Jim, a subscriber since 2009 writes.... Thanks, you are our sole method of advertising and we don’t know what we would do without you! #984

12/21/13 Herb tells of his success...Thanks much for use of your site -- it's the best I've seen and worked well for me. All my properties are rented long term and the only one expiring in 2014 will be going up for sale. So I will be leaving you for now but should a vacancy occur I'll certainly be back. Thanks again for your superior site. (Formerly #1993, #2141, #2165, #2807)

12-7-13, Cynthia writes... Thanks guys. Just to let you know, I arrived on your site in July. I quickly rented Jan, Feb and March for 2014. In late November, rented my villa for Dec, 2013. Now have rented in 2014, Jan, Feb, March, April, and October. Plus, Feb and March for 2015. What value for $119! Thanks. #3013

11-26-13, From Kathy...You folks do a great job. Your website works beautifully and I am impressed with your prompt handling of new memberships and posting photos. Keep up the good work! You are providing a wonderful, easy-to-use service to those of us who manage our own rental properties. #3311

11-21-13, John said...We have found your service to be invaluable for attracting renters. #2345

11-19-13, Randy, a long time subscriber, writes...Don, I would like to say Thank You for the years I have advertised on your site. The helpful information and ease of use made things work smooth, very professional. Obomacare needs someone like you to show them how to run a website. #1317

11-15-13, Rich and Liz sent this nice note explaining their decision not to renew at this time (#2714): As it looks now we do not think we will be renewing. Not because we were unhappy with the site --just the opposite, in the 11 months we have listed our home we have had over 7000 hits --and have rented the property almost every month (except December of this year) . We have monthly rentals for the first 4 months of 2014 --and then starting May 1st we have a renter for 40 months --thanks to your site Hope to be back in Oct of 2017!!!!

11-13-13, Joan's response to receiving an email thanking her for a referral...It's a pleasure dealing with you. #3004

11-8-13, After his photos were posted Tom exclaimed...Unbelievably fast!!! Thanks! #3186

11-5-13, Thank you Judy, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Within 24 hours listed on your site, we have had 5 inquires, all for February and March, but that's a great start. Thank you. June #3251

10-29-13, Bettye writes...I love your site and find that our clients say it is very user friendly. Thanks. #2512

10-11-13, Frank sent this note...I just wanted you to know what a wonderful web site service you have. Judy was so polite, helpful, and courteous when I called. It took so little time to have my rental site up and running and best of all, we had Jan, Feb, and March of 2014 rented within 24 hours of my ad going live....very impressive indeed! #3194

9-25-13, From new subscriber Bev...Already heard from 4 people within 2 hours of your posting. Amazing. #3151

9-18-13, In response to email on another topic, Maribeth writes...By the way, I rented 7 1/2 months from up north in 2 months time this summer. Your site is excellent! #2934
9-18-13, Dave comments...Again, nice site. It sure has worked well for me. #1709

9-9-13, After posting a set of photos Bill wrote...Thank you for your help on this…You have created an excellent site and we are grateful we found you. #3049

8-29-13, Trina writes...Thank you so much for a wonderful year of advertising on!! I have had so many inquiries, I wish that I had 10 properties!! Your site is amazingly simple to use, both for owners and renters and I recommend it to many people. Keep up the good work!! #2506

8-20-13, Marie writes...Thanks so much., You guys are great! #3047

5-28-13, Suzanne writes... WOW! You guys are fast! Thank you so much. #2888

5-28-13, Regarding photos, Pat writes...Oh my gosh, you did a fantastic job. They look wonderful! Thank you so much!! #2867

5-16-13, Cheryl writes...I have enjoyed and benefited from being on your website for so long. My properties are usually rented and that makes me happy. #2853

5-2-13, An unexpected note from Joe tells us... I cannot tell you how happy I am with your "Villages 4 Rent" web site! You helped me set up my site over the phone last summer and you took super pictures of our villa! This is only our 2nd year renting yet we have next winter rented already, ALL from your web site! #2465

4-21-13, Regarding her photos, Linda writes...Thank you for your prompt and excellent service! #2251

4-20-13, Renewing subscriber Joanne writes...We have been very happy with the results your web site has produced for us. #2294

4-7-13, As his listings expired John advised...Thank you....your service has been very much, both my units are rented long term. (Formerly #1398, #1399)

4-1-13, As she moved into her rental home, Jeanne advised...We have been very pleased with the responses from your website & thank you for your help. (Formerly #1887)

3-30-13 Long time subscriber Don writes...I have just secured a rental for 2 years September 2015. MY thanks to you. #1916

3-21-13 New subscriber John comments on photos...The quick service is most appreciated. Nice job with the pictures. #2811

3-7-13, Upon the sale of her rental home Genene writes...We have enjoyed how user friendly your website has been, and have also enjoyed our working relationship with all of you. (Formerly #2098)

3-5-13, New subscriber Ruth comments on her photos...Wowzer!!! It looks so good. Thank you so much...we are so pleased to be on your site. #2794

3-3-13, At renewal time Karen writes...As a subscriber since 2008, I would like to thank you for providing such a great place to advertise my home for rent. I have made the decision to retire in June so I will not be renewing my subscription. Thanks again for providing such a great and easy place to advertise. (Formerly #944)

2-23-13, New subscriber Fred comments on quick response...I want to thank you for your website. As a new Owner, it contains all the information needed to rent my home. I got 4 emails within 20 minutes of listing... Fantastic! #2738

1-28-13, Long time subscriber Connie writes....Thank you for your wonderful website. #2203

1-27-13, From Roy...We have been very pleased with the response we have received on this site. #2620

1-22-13, I have been completely amazed at how well this site is managed and works.~ Donna #2751

1-15-13, Thank you for the great service you provide. ~ Annette #2221

1-15-13, At renewal John writes... Thank you for your continued great service! #1792

1-14-13, Long time subscriber Merlyn writes... We have been very pleased and have had really good results with the web site. #1710

12-28-12, Long time subscriber Robert writes.... I have my home for rent in The Villages advertised on your website since 2006. I thank you for the great job you've done maintaining the site. #443
12-24-12, As he plans his move to TV, Marty writes...Your service has been invaluable. As I have in the past, I will always refer my friends to your service. Regards and continued success. (Formerly #1943)
12-21-12, Holiday greetings from Jean...Just a note to Thank you for your site. I am very pleased with your service. #1623

12-10-12, Subscriber Pat writes..... Thanks, you all are wizards! >>> Thanks a bunch, Pat    P.S.  I'll recommend your sight to everyone I know after I fill mine! #2610

12-10-12, New subscriber Scott writes..... Thank you all for your quick service. I called last night at 6"ish" and within 24 hours its up and running with pictures. You all are the best! #2706

11-26-12, At renewal time Jack writes...Thank you for a great web site. #1184

11-19-12, After processing photos for Beverly she writes...Your site is great and so user friendly. #2655

11-2-12, Subscriber Anne writes... Your site is wonderful and I thank you for your timeliness. #2015

11-1-12, Subscriber Steve writes... You helped me tremendously. Would not have bee successful without you. The management of this website has been instrumental in our rental success. At our request, they provided comments to our posting that increased the effectiveness of our message. Our success is in no small part to use of this website with its broad reach and the help provided by its managers. #2468

10-26-12, After many years as a subscriber Norm writes...Reference my property #230. Property has been sold. Thanks to you and your team for the years of great service. I think you have a great ad service. (Formerly #230)

10-21-12, New subscriber Dallas writes..... thanks for such a quick response. We have already been very successful with your website. We will be sure to pass along our success to other residents who are considering renting their properties on their own. #2583

9-16-12, Trina subscribed 10 days ago and writes... I have had an incredible number of requests from your website - it's amazing!! I have Jan rented and folks lining up for 2014!! Thank you so much. #2506

9-12-12, Subscriber Debbie writes... You really help keep our unit #1816 rented. #1816

9-12-12, Subscriber Bert writes... Love this web site, it has really been a big help for me renting my home. #2186

9-11-12, Subscriber Patti writes... Thank you so much! I love how you run this business. #2218

9-10-12, Subscriber Marianne writes... Have really had great results and you were so helpful to me when I really needed guidance. Thanks again. #2126
8-19-12, Ed tells us...Love the website. Will be re-subscribing soon. #2083

8-18-12, Subscriber Linda writes...We have used this website for our first home in The Villages for 4 years and always attracted wonderful tenants. Now just listed our new home #2440 and it was rented within 12 hours of posting. Thanks for a great site and inexpensive way to advertise. It works! #2440

7-21-12, Subscriber Merle writes...Thank you for your help. You really do a swell job with the web site and helping out. Thanks. #1710

7-11-12, New subscriber Colleen writes... My home, property 2396, has been on the website for just 1 week, and I already have it rented for 6 months! I couldn't be more pleased! Thanks, so much! #2396

6-2-12, Subscribers Bill and Sherry write, Your website has been extremely effective for us. Simple for us, and simple for viewers. Thank you and best wishes… #1633

5-11-12, Subscriber Frank writes... Thank you very much for all of your help and for being patient with my limited technical ability. Have a Great Weekend. #2286

4-15-12, Subscriber Deborah writes..... Thanks......... and we are so glad you have this website available. It has helped us so much. >>>> The income from the peak season helps us with the expenses while we try to sell our home here and get everything else in order to retire. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. #2092
3-11-12, From Gayle...we are EXTREMELY pleased with the traffic that our website receives. #2193

3-5-12, New subscriber (3-2-12) Ellen writes... I am impressed with how quickly you all deal with changes and new information. #2237

2-11-12, Subscriber Pete writes... Still think the site is great..... #1867

2-6-12, Subscriber since 7/2008, Glenn writes...'THANK YOU'.....once again, for your excellent service..... #763

1-7-12, Sew subscriber (10-11) Deborah writes... We didn't get our home on your website until late in 2011 and was still able to rent it for Jan, Feb and March! THANKS again! #2092

12-30-11, Subscriber since 4/2006, Ron writes... many thanks for running a great web site and generating business for me. #286

11-29-11, Yulia became a subscriber fewer than 12 hours before sending this note..... It is amazing we already sold 2 months, i can't believe for one day, just we started, thank you very much to your guys, Wonderful job!!!!!! #2149

11-25-11, Subscriber since 5/2008, Debbie writes... Your site has been wonderful for us. #1102

11-11-11, I enjoy the website and appreciate the work and organization that you put into it to show available properties to prospective renters. Great job! #1654

9-13-11, After we replaced some photos, subscriber since 7/2007, Rob & Becky write... I thank you very much for a great site and service. #531

9-13-11, After we replaced some photos, Gary wrote... Thank you so very much for you prompt response. You have a great service #1560

9-12-11, New subscriber (9-11) Linda writes... Thank you for the quick response. We already had a few calls! #2048

8-30-11, New subscriber TODAY, Carol, writes... Thank you very much! I have two people that want to rent already. . I am impressed. I don't totally know what to do yet. It should be an interesting learning experience. #2031

8-30-11, New subscribers (3 weeks) Barbara and Len write.... Thank you for creating such a wonderful web site, upholding the finest standards of advertising rental properties. In one week we had numerous responses and have rented our villa in two segments, Jan / Feb and Mar/ April. We are more than pleased with your help and guidance.
Our best wishes for your continued success. #2011

8-19-11, Subscriber since 10/2005, Fran writes.... Thank you for a great service, #191

8-8-11, Subscriber Ray writes.... And I WILL be re-upping my subscription when it’s due. The site works great! #1736

7-31-11, Long time subscribers Ralph & Donna write.... We have been very pleased with the web-site and have rented the property more than when The Villages was doing it. Thank you very much! #1060

7-6-11, Long time subscriber Jean writes.... If you ever need a referral please contact me. I am very satisfied with your service. Jean #1623

7-5-11, Very long time, multi-property subscriber Linda writes.... I'm happy to refer people to you since I think your website is GREAT! Linda #1133 #1231 #1855

7-4-11, Long time subscriber Ron writes.... It's been great doing business with you and I look forward to more. Between 09/11 and 04/12, I've rented the home for 6 of the 8 months. Only October and December are not rented and we will be using it in October. #1438

6-22-11, Subscriber Carol writes... Well the day is finally here. We began with you in 2005 as your 7th customer. Our plan was to rent until 2011. We will no longer be rented. We are going to use the house and it can finally become our own. We had a wonderful experience with your website. You are a true professional and you were a pleasure to work with for the past 6 years. Your website reached a large number of quality people. All our experiences worked out very well. You were a big part of making our dream come true. Thanks for everything.
We may consider an investment property. It we invest, we will definitely be back to advertise. You run a quality organization. Good Luck Be Well!!! #1131 Webmasters comment... Welcome Home!

6-17-11, New subscriber yesterday, Bob writes... Thanks! We already have people wanting to rent. Last night the counter was at 22! What a great product you all have!!!! #1935

5-16-11, Subscriber since 2009, Debbie writes.... Thank-you so much. It has been very successful. #1102

5-9-11, Long time subscriber Gary writes.... Thanks for the good service once more, Gary #1774 #1066 #694

4-19-11, Elizabeth writes... I cannot tell you how much your service has helped me....I have my home rented out for Jan., thru March 2012 and have just added May and June of 2010. #1158

4-15-11, At renewal, Ron writes... Nice doing business with you. The results have been great. #1438

4-15-11, New subscriber yesterday, Lori writes... I am a little overwhelmed as we have already had three inquiries on the house (THANK YOU) #1856

3-27-11, 3rd year renewing subscribers Matt and Noreen write... Thanks for your assistance with our rental. You provide a good service. #1011

3-26-11, New subscriber Joe writes... Thank you for the excellent service. The photos and description of our home is awesome. #1834

3-9-11, Subscriber since 3/2007, Joanne writes... Just want to say thanks, the website is fantastic for us. #459

2-11-11, New 8 day subscriber Bill writes... Thanks for a great service, our Villa is rented to the end of April thanks to you. #1793

2-5-11, New subscriber Nick writes... Our site is fantastic. We have been able to rent 8 months out of 12 in the short time we have been online. #1714

1-15-11, Subscriber since 2/2009, Jim writes... We don’t know what we would do without your web site! #984

1-3-11, Subscriber since 7/2006, Jill writes.... happy new year. we are still happy with your web page and have not had any problems getting the house rented. #338

12-16-10, Subscriber since 1/2008, subscriber Brenda writes.... This has been another successful year for me renting my place out there on Teakwood, this makes #5 to be exact and it is all due to your website. Have a wonderful Holiday Season, and my wish is for much success to come your way. You do a terrific job. #641

12-15-10, Renewing subscriber Elaine wrote... Thanks so much. After we bought the 4th home, I had it rented in less than a half hour after it went on the web! #1384

12-13-10, New subscriber Carole wrote... Great web site - Thank you #1728

12-2-10, Subscriber Steve wanted his photos replaced and wrote... Thanks, you’re really on top of things-the service is great. #1614

11-29-10, New subscriber Mona writes... "This is so new to us and all the info you sent was so helpful!.. #1719

11-23-10, Renewing subscriber Len writes.... "Thanks for doing a great job of managing this web site"... #1340

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11-21-10, New subscriber Elaine writes... "we are very happy with the service" #1679

11-16-10, Jim writes at 3rd year renewal time... Thanks for a great service. #943

10-1-10, Joe, our new subscriber yesterday writes... Wow, it wasn’t an hour before I received an inquiry. That’s some website you have there. #1612

10-1-10, Laura, our new subscriber on 9-23 writes... Hit a home run -rented for jan,feb mar. last night. Final agreement. Do not foresee any problems. Best $109.- odd bucks we've ever spent. Many thanks for all of your valuable info. #1596

9-4-10, At renewal time Jeanne writes... Thank you so much... it works for us. #1212

9-2-10, At 5 year renewal time multi year subscriber Angela writes... Thank you once again for offering this service which we have found to be very helpful #382

9-2-10, Subscribers Rick & Sally write.... your website is awesome! #1357

8-31-10 Subscriber Robert writes.... Just a few words to express our satisfaction with In four weeks we had our cottage rented for the first four months of 2011. Thank you for the site and your sage advice. #1501

8-29-10, At renewal time subscriber since 9/2006, Alfred writes.... Thank you for the wonderful service you provide us with. #385

8-22-10, At renewal time Cathie writes.... We have had fantastic success on your website...... #1213

8-15-10 Subscriber since 8/2006, Bill writes.... Thanks, and by the way, you do a great job on the site! #362

8-10-10 Subscriber Barry writes.... We have been very successful renting our home on Dutchess Loop in St Charles using your wonderful website---- #1404
8-5-10, New subscribers (7-8-10) Donald & Anita write...... GREAT SERVICE by the way!! #1499

8-1-10, New subscriber Janis writes..... We rented our villa the (Jan - Apr) the evening you placed our ad on the web. Wow! .... #1516

7-27-10, Nancy and Phil write..... Thank you for providing such a wonderful site. We are now totally rented for 2010. Our first availability in 2011 in May. Wow. This far exceeded our expectations, especially because it's our first year. #1335

7-22-10, At renewal time Elizabeth writes.... Thank you for your service. We are already rented for Feb-Mar (2011) and are sure Jan and April will c0me along. #1158

7-17-10, New subscriber Roger Z. writes.... Wanted to inform you that we have rented out our property ....amazing! it took 2 1/2 weeks to have a signed lease in hand. 11 prospective tenants inquired in that short period. Thanks for providing such a great service. #1484

7-16-10, Roger writes.... Here's a new set of photos I would like to use for our website. Thanks, you have great website. #1314

6-21-10, Maureen & Jim write.... THANKS...having great success with your Site! #930

6-17-10, At renewal Maryann and Frank write, We love your service. Thank you for helping us rent out our home. #1106
4-13-10, New subscriber Cheryl writes.... This is such a great website to advertise. #1400

3-15-10, New subscriber Elaine writes... I just had to tell you that I started getting inquires the minute the house was put out there and within 24 hours we had it rented for next winter! I know it is probably because we were at the top of the list and it's the time of year where people are looking for 2011 already but still, that was pretty fast! #1384

3-3-10, At renewal time Mari writes.... We have had good success with renting our home. #673

2-23-10, Subscribers Ron and Pat write, Thank you for the great service. This has worked out so well for us. #427

2-23-10, Subscriber Diane writes.... Thank you so much for the services of your website. It worked tremendously well. In fact, in 10 days I contracted my rental unit for the next 15 months! Is it possible to "hide" my ad for the rest if this year? People keep writing to check on the status next winter....Thanks again. Your site is unbelievably effective! #1368

2-14-10, Subscriber Donna writes.... We love your website and have been getting tons of people interested in our home. We just rented our home for a YEAR (June 1, 2010 through May 31, 2011). #1310

1-19-10, Subscriber Jeanne writes.... We have had great response with your ad and your beautiful photos. Today some one wanted to rent it year round. That was more than we ever thought we could get. #1212

1-17-10, At renewal time Paul writes.... My wife will be sending a check to you this week for our renewal. We have been very pleased with the reponse we have recived from our listing on your web page. #980

1-17-10, Subscriber Pam writes.... We would like to subscribe for another year....... So the website grows! Your web site is ideal and is making a huge difference to getting renters - thank you. #1019

1-11-10, At renewal time Mary writes... You are doing a great job with the website and we really appreciate it.#644

1-11-10, Subscriber Elizabeth writes.... THANK YOU! so very much for this site. I have rented my home out for four months!( 2010) I will use your service again next year, and pass along your site to others. #1158

1-11-10, New subscriber Beverly writes.... I signed up 11/12/09..... Amazing that by now I have Jan, Feb March, part of April, and June rented!!! Thank you..... #1292

12-20-09, New subscriber one day before writes..... Wow.. Your website is amazing. After one day, our villa is rented through April 17. We're in shock. Thank you so much. Nancy and Phil #1335

12-15-09, at renewal time Adele writes.... I won't be renewing my listing because I'm booked until mid May. As of June 2010 I will have a long term renter so I won't need to list the property until further notice. You provide a wonderful service at such a reasonable price. It's been a pleasure dealing with you. If I find I need your service in the future I will certainly contact you. I will highly recommend you to any friends who wish to list their properties. Many thanks, Adele #762

12-12-09, Long term customer Pam writes.... Just wanted to let you know how much your website has helped us rent our home. We have been very satisfied and keep up the good work. Thanks again. Pam #985

11-17-09, At renewal time Linda writes.... I'm happy to refer you and your site. We think you're fabulous! #937

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10-8-09, New subscriber Al writes... Great Job: Thanks, Already rented FEB and MARCH #1237

9-27-09, Subscriber Kathy writes.... This is such a great website. We get many hits! #846
9-19-09, Subscriber Tina writes.... Once again thanks for a job well done! #1190

9-17-09, Subscriber Tom writes.... Just as an aside, we have had great success as a result of your website. #1130

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9-10-09, Subscriber Sandra writes.... I've been so pleased with your site and your coaching me when I've needed help or advice. My place is rented, and hopefully for 2 years. #955
9-9-09, New subscriber (9-8) Judie writes within 24 hours... I've already had two inquiries so I'm very impressed with your site! Thanks for everything. #1196

9-7-09, New subscriber (9-3) Judie writes.... My home is now rented from November 1st through April 30th. I have been inundated with requests! #1192

9-2-09, New subscriber Mary writes.... Believe me I will tell all about you, it is the BEST tool for renting your house without spending much money. Thanks again for all your help. #1172

9-2-09, New subscriber (7-30) Tina writes.... Thanks for getting our home on the Web Site so quickly! #1190

9-1-09, Recent subscriber Todd writes.... Overall we are very pleased with the responses we have received from the web site, and have already contracted to rent the unit from Jan through April next year. #1101

8-29-09, New subscriber (8-28) Paul writes... Thanks Again Don! Awesome customer service!!!! #1186

8-27-09, At renewal time Judith writes.... Thanks for a Great Website. #820

8-25-09, New subscriber Joan writes.... You put up our villa late Sunday afternoon (23rd) and Sunday evening I had an inquiry. Looks like…if all goes well tomorrow (Wednesday 26th)…our villa will be rented for 1 year. Fell feel to use this as an advertisement if you so desire. #1180

8-24-08, New subscriber Bud writes... Your website is simply amazing. I signed up for your service last Tuesday, 8/18, and had e-mails by that afternoon. I have already rented the property for Jan-March 2010 and have a couple of leads for Oct-Dec 2009. #1174

8-18-08, New subscriber Elizabeth writes... I am amazed at the web site that you offer! Thank you again for this wonderful tool that is helping me to rent out my home. #1158

8-19-09 At 3rd year renewal time Rochelle & Marshall write..... The check will go in the mail tomorrow. Thanks as always for a terrific site for us to list our house. Regards, #555

8-15-09 At renewal time Arlene writes..... I will not be renewing these houses. As you can see by our ad's they are all fully rented. The only villa I have that is still short term is Irmo, but it is full every month up until March 2010 and after that it goes onto a full time 3 year lease. We are looking at another house and if we do in fact buy it I will of course call you immediately. Your web-site is absolutely the best and gave us more activity than we ever dreamed or could have hoped for. Thank you so very much. Arlene #806

8-8-08, New subscriber Elizabeth writes... Thank you very much for a helpful service and directions are easy to follow. #1158

8-5-09, New subscriber Jack placed the listing mid-afternoon Monday and on Tuesday mid-day he writes.... Thanks for the prompt posting of my listing. Even with incomplete information shown on the web site, I have received five inquiries already. Your assistance and efficiency in listing my home on was impressive. #1155

7-30-09, New subscriber Bill placed the listing mid-afternoon Monday and writes on Wednesday morning..... Thanks so much for your prompt action on the pics and getting them on the web site. By the way, we have already had a tremendous response to the web site. By the end of the day yesterday, we had already rented the unit for Feb & Mar! #1141

7-29-09, New subscriber Leslie placed the listing mid-afternoon Monday and writes at 6:56am Tuesday morning..... I have already gotten some requests, so THIS WORKS! You have done a great job with this service and covered lots of bases. #1142

7-27-09, Subscriber Chuck (Jill) writes... We are still getting a good response from your site, the house has been rented for the season since we first listed it with you 3 years ago ! Thank you ! #338

7-22-09, Subscriber Lynn (Gerald) writes... We are EXTREMELY pleased with how well the web site has worked for us! When it is time to renew for next year, we definitely want to do it...... #878

7-20-09,New subscriber Pat writes... This site really works! I have had at least 20 inquires..... #1092

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4-29-09, At 3rd year renewal Subscriber Linda R. writes.... Great Service ! # 474
site is for us home owners. From the time that you put our house back on your site it was 30 minutes later that we have a renter for 3 of the 4 months that we made our house available to rent. Your check will be in tomorrows mail. Thanks for everything. Tim # 1049

4-22-09, Subscriber Maureen writes... "We have had great success with your website......." # 930

4-6-09, From Subscriber Judy L..... We have property number 478 that we advertise through you. We have just rented out the house for three years. Yes, that is terrific!!!!! thanks to you....Thank you, Judy L

3-14-09, Subscriber Jack writes.... I have to say that setting up the listing and web-site was about the easiest thing that I've ever done on the computer. The directions were easy and straightforward. As you know, I set it up yesterday and I've already had three inquiries. I also appreciated the suggestions and guidelines. As a new owner/renter it gave me some good tips that, without your suggestions, I would have only discovered the hard way. #1003

2-9-09, Subscriber Richard writes.... Thank you! The website just keeps producing folks who want to rent the house. Great job! #515

2-7-09, Recent Subscriber Carole writes.... I am so happy with the results on your website. I was able to rent my home through May, and already have an inquiry about Jan. & Feb. of 2010!! #902

1-19-09, New subscriber Becky writes.... We are very please with the activity that we have had!!! #967

1-12-09, New subscriber Ernie writes.... I just want to say that your website really does work and attracts a lot of people. I have leased my Villa within five days of the web-ad being up on your sight. I have received at least a dozen phone calls over the weekend and the first person that walked the villa leased it for one year. I have since posted the availability until next Feb.. Thanks again for the great service that you provided and making it easy to get the villa listed. Ernie #964

1-8-09, New subscriber Sharon writes... Just a note of thanks! I haven't had your website but 4 days and already rented March!!! People who rented 3 years ago in The Villages & were searching the internet. I won't e-mail and bother you each time I get a rental, but it's my FIRST and I'm excited!! Your website is GREAT and it is named so that it comes up prominently in searches. #959

1-5-09, New subscribers Maureen and James write.. Very happy with your service & want to share! #930

12-8-08, New subscriber yesterday, Linda writes.. Thanks much for the quick and great work..... You have a great service. #937

12-5-08, New subscriber today, Rick writes.. I got a call almost immediately to rent the house for February but he wanted a discount but that shows how effective your site is. Thank you, Rick #933

12-3-08, Subscriber Mary writes..... We really appreciate it and we really like the website and all you do for us. You do a great job of putting the info out for us. #644

11-30-08, New subscriber 11-28.... Janet writes.... PS. we have already rented January and February. So thank you very much #926

11-28-08, New Subscriber today, Joanne writes.... rented the house from 1/15-4/15! Great results. Thanks for your help and advice. #927

11-17-08, At renewal time, Joe writes....renewal check sent this date for my listing.... thanx. nice doing business with u, u run a very good web site for rentals. Joe F. #617

11/10/08, New subscriber Ken writes.... The website looks very good, you've done a very good job with your website(s), Thanks, Ken #895

10/29/08, New subscriber Gerald writes.... we are very pleased with your service already! #878

10/23/08, New subscriber Linda writes.... Thank you so, so much for all of your help. #862

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9/25/08, Arlene writes.... I am one of your newest advertisers #806,807 & 808...... You do a great job..... Thank you so much for all your hard work, I could never have done this well without your web-site. You have no idea how much I appreciate the site. #806 #807 #808

9/20/08, John writes.... Your web site has certainly been a boon to us. We've just rented our place for the second winter on a six-moth rental. #488

9/17/08, At renewal time, Tom and Carolyn , subscribers since 2005 write....We are rented all the way thru next May. We can not thank you enough for your website. Have a great day. #181

9/15/08, Randy & Adrienne write.... We have sold our villa (#702) ..... Your site is very good and we have referred many folks to it either to look for a place to rent or those wanted to rent out their property. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks so much.

9/14/08, New Subscriber (9-12) Karen writes... Thanks so much for your help in posting my home 4 rent. I started getting phone calls right away and have already rented my home for the month of March. This was soooooo easy. #812

9/10/08, New Subscriber (9-8) Arlene writes... Thank you so much for your help and you website. I have never experienced something so wonderful. I have my villa rented I believe for 4 months already. I followed all your advice and it all worked like a charm. This website is the best thing since sliced bread! #806

8/29/09, Subscriber John writes.... I really appreciate what you do and the conscientious way you do it. Your service is my most valuable tool in handling our rental. #488
8/26/08, New subscribers Jim & Christina write.... What a wonderful service, with only 2 days of advertizing we have our house rented for 3 months, the pictures you took where great. Thank you!!!!! #796

8/22/08, At renewal time Karen writes... We've had incredible response from your website. Thank you, Karen Ertl #556

8/18/08, Phyllis became a subscriber on June 4th 2008 and writes....We wanted to tell you how happy we are with your site. It is working great and we have our property rented for most of the season.... Thanks again for your wonderful site. #731

8/18/08, New subscriber (of 2 days) Martha writes...Thanks and you have done a brilliant job! I have already received many responses and rented a unit for Feb/March, plus an October possible! I love this! #784, #785, #786 and #787

8/17/08, Subscriber Chuck writes....We have found this website to be just wonderful and very productive for us. Thanks again, Chuck #670

8/16/08, Subscriber Schuyler writes... We've had good response from the web site. #739

8/16/08, At renewal time Rochelle writes... Thanks again for creating a terrific website. #555

8/16/08, At renewal time Toni, a subscriber since September 2005 writes... Thanks for providing the source for another successful rental year! Your “check is in the mail” !!! Keep up the good work! #165

8/8/08, K.R became a subscriber 8 days ago and writes... WE DID WELL SO FAR WITH OUR AD. #769

8/7/08, Chuck... The results from the web site listing have been fantastic! #352

7/28/08, At renewal time Louise writes... Your website is wonderful. #536

7/28/08, At renewal time Jon & Linda write... TV4R has been good for us. We continue to receive inquiries. #305

5/30/08, At renewal time Diana writes... I am very happy with this service so please count me as good for another year. Thank you #324

5/19/08, Renewing for a 4th year on our website subscriber Tom #509 writes.....
Thank you for providing us with a great website. We have been rented about 8 months out of the year. I had VRBO for 3 years and just cancelled them, since I only had one renter thru them in three years. Webmaster comment... I have heard the same comment many, many times (dc)

4/22/08, At renewal time John writes... This is the best advertising medium I've ever used. Thanks for making it available. # 488

4/22/08, At renewal time Linda writes... You have a great service and I was happy to renew this year. Thanks for the good work. -- #474

4/21/08, At renewal time Don writes... We have been very pleased with our ad on your website and I will be sending the check to renew our ad in tomorrows mail. Thanks, #484
4/21/08, New subscriber Adrienne writes.... Thank you for the very, very nice pictures you took today and for your time and helpful instructions for getting our info on your website. It took me awhile, but think it's all O.K. You and your website are most appreciated. #702

4/19/08, At renewal time Dick write... We have a renter from the Netherlands who found us on your site. They may stay 4 months since they are having such a good time and they want to come back next year. Thanks for having such a great site. #485

4-18-08 Peter writes when he re-subscribes.... Just a note to say thank you for providing such a great website for owner-rentals. #698

4-1-08 The Terry and Judy became new subscribers yesterday and write....We already rented 686 for March/April 2009 from the site. I put your check in the mail today. #686

3/27/08, New subscriber Bill (3/25) writes.... Just want to tell you how great I think your site is. I haven't even put up my photos yet and I have had 5 inquiries. #681

3/17/08, 3rd year subscriber Frank B. writes.... I highly recommend your services. Thanks for doing a great job. #114

3/17/08, New subscriber Mike writes... You have been great and again thanks for all your help. #671

3/16/08, At renewal time Karen writes.... It has been a great year for renting and next year looks even better. Thanks for your excellent site..... #473

3/7/08, At renewal time Jim writes.... We have had good success with the website. #465

3/5/08, Jean writes.... Would you delete our home from you web site. We are moving to The Villages next month. Finally. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to subscribe to the site. It is fantastic. User friendly and very well built.  (Our comment..... WELCOME HOME JEAN!)
3/5/08, At renewal time Garrett writes.... Your site has been very helpful. #288

3/4/08, At renewal time Virgil writes.... Thank you for your web site it has been very beneficial. #468

2/21/08, New subscriber Julie writes... Thanks so much for all of your help with this; your editing job on my photos makes them look very professional! #662

2/19/08, New subscribers Jim and Carol write... Thank you so much for all your help with "us rookies". #657

2/16/08, At 2nd renewal time Terri & Tim write....Thanks for such a great job!! #274

2/10/08, At renewal time Patti writes.... Thank you so much for a wonderful website. #450

1-5-08, Kari writes... Thank You So Much! I have to tell you that it has been so wonderful working with you and your Web site...You make it so easy and stress free, I have recommended it to several friends....Thanks Again for all your help!... #568

1-5-08, Marsha writes... Thanks for the great web site. I have a lease for 12 months starting in May, 08.... #332

11-27-07 Rob writes... Everything has been going great. Your site has been a great success for myself..... #531

11/20/07 At renewal time Ron writes.... Just wanted to let you know ..... so far, the sight has worked well. We received numerous calls and have rented it during the winter months both years. We even got an extra month in November this year. #427

11/6/07 Subscriber Rose writes... Thank you for all you help with this, this website has been a tremendous success for me and I always highly recommend it to other renters. #448

11-3-07, Subscriber Jerry writes... I have to let you know that your site is great. We have had close to 30 inquiries on the property and will be selecting our renters soon. #571
10-19-07 At renewal time Barbara writes... Thank you for your excellent service and support. #412

10-19-07 New subscriber at 4:39PM yesterday writes at 8:28AM today........ what you do is great !!!!! we have had 2 hits already, one came 2 hrs after it was posted . thanks sammy #587

10-7-07 New subscriber comment within 1st 24 hours....My goodness . . . the house is on line and had inquires already ! Thank you, a check will follow. Kathy Lipps #580

Mel , new subscriber 9-25-07 writes on 9-26... We have already had some 20 contacts and have already rented Feb and March to one renter...... #574

Jerry , new subscriber 9-19-07 writes on 9-20 at 8:00am... I have already had two emails and a phone call before the pictures or write up hit the web.......I am impressed. #571

Sam , new subscriber 9-14-07 writes on 9-14... This Web site works great !! #565

Alfred writes at 8-30-07 renewal.... We have been very happy with the websites #385

Toni became a subscriber Sept 2, 2005 and writes at 2nd renewal time 8-17-07......"The website is great!!!" #165

Maureen became a subscriber on 8-5-07 and writes..... Thanks for such speedy service ~ ~ Very impressed with the site. You did a great job. #535

Richard became a subscriber on 7-17-07 and writes on 7-27..... I have promise of rentals for November and January through April. I am delighted. Thank you! Great service. #515
Sandra writes at renewal 7-23-07.. Thank you for excellent service (and results!). #153

Rich writes on 7-21-07 at renewal time Your website has been GREAT!!!! #344

Fred writes on 7-18-07... Thank you sir! Real pleasure doing business with you! “Cheque’s in the mail” #519
e. #1 - your personal attention at getting the site up so quickly with objective advice and tools to get me off the ground. #2 - had several commitments for Jan-March within 24 hours with another looking reasonably good for April. Thanks - $'s well spent. #514

Traci writes on 6-29-07 at renewal time.... I do want to tell you that I have love advertising on your site. I have received so many inquiries on my property from my ad with you. #341

Tom resubscribed on 6-27-07 at 6:20pm and writes in the morning of 6-28..... Thank you for your help. We had two calls last night already for 3 months next year. #509

Jim upon selling his rental home writes on 6-28-07.... Thanks Don your service work great for me last year. Jim

Bill writes on 6-18-07 at renewal time.... Check is in the mail. Great service, you have helped us a lot. Thanks!!!!!!!! #328

Richard became a subscriber on 6-15-07 and writes on 6-18..... I think your work is absolutely fantastic...... I have gotten several inquires already and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your company. Thanks again' RJ #503

David became a subscriber June 2, 2007...Site is great. I had four emails before I even got the description up on the site. I sent Don the pictures on June 2. He had the pictures up that night and I started getting inquires on June 3. As a result I think I now have my unit rented for January-March 08 and possibly April 08. Thanks for maintaining such a well designed website for us people who want to rent our homes out. #495

Linda became a subscriber on May 1st ('07) and writes on May 2nd... I haven't even gotten the information up yet and already I've had 3 e-mails (inquiries) #474

Joanne writes 3-28-07... Thanks for all your help... #459

Marge writes 4-11-07... By the way your website has been WONDERFUL!!!!! #344

At renewal time, Linda writes... Thanks, this site has been extremely successful. #249

Patti became a subscriber on Mar 14 '07 and writes at 8:00 am on the 15th... This site is just unbelievable. I had 4 calls to rent the home (sight unseen) - its amazing. I can't thank you enough for all your help. Just checked out the pictures and they look awesome. I have only one regret that I hadn't done this sooner. Thanks, Patti #450

Dean writes on 1-26-07.... I am a subscriber to your service. Great results. #410

Patti writes on 1-9-07.... We rented the place the day that the pictures were up on the website. #427

Carla became a subscriber on Dec 4th '06 and writes on Dec 8th... Thanks for your help and prompt service. This is a great tool for owners. #417

At 1st year renewal, 12/4/06, Jean and Del write.. Thank you for your valuable service #237

Ken became a subscriber on Oct 31, 05, and writes on Nov 22nd, 06... Thank you for the work and effort, we could not be happier. #198

Barbara became a subscriber on Nov 12th, 06 and writes on Nov 16th.... Thanks for all your help! I have already received multiple inquiries so you are offering a wonderful service to folks interested in The Villages... #412

Sally became a subscriber on Oct 24th, 06 and writes on Nov 14th.... Thanks for your help and patience! #399

Nancy became a subscriber on Oct 29, 06 and writes on Nov 4th.... Thanks for all the help getting started! Rented Feb and March the night we set-up. #405

Susan & Stormy became a subscriber in Sept 26th and writes on Sept 29th ...... Well, we’ve had the house listed with your website only a couple days and we have February, March and April rented with a possibility of January. We love that! #380

Ann became a subscriber in Sept 16th and writes on Sept 17th ...... Thanks for making this so easy! #371

Horace became a subscriber in August 31st and writes on Sept 5th ...... We have had a wonderful response. Dec-Mar rented with a strong possibility for Apr. #364

Rec'd 8/19/06... Just a short note to let you know how successful we have been with your help. We listed our villa on August 5, 2006 in the late afternoon. By 9 a.m. on August 6th, we had the villa rented for Jan, Feb, Mar, 2007 and by 8 p.m. on the same day we had it rented for Nov, Dec, 2006. All total in 10 days we had 61 phone calls and emails from potential renters. When we purchased the villa, we had no intention on renting it do to bad experiences we had with rental agents in Ft, Myers. But when we found your site, we decided to try to rent it ourselves. Thank you and your wife for helping folks like us and keep up the good work. The real irony of this is that the first caller/renter for our villa lives less than 7 miles from us.
Thanks again Herb & Sandy #347

E. became a subscriber in Nov 3, '05 and writes on Aug 5' 06 ...... I am a subscriber (home # 201). Thank you and I love your website. Please let me know how and when to renew.
Sheila became a subscriber in April 6, '06 and writes on July 28th...... Thanks for your web site it sure helped us rent our property, if you need testimonials just let us know! #294

Chuck and Jill became subscribers and their photos went on line today (7/27/06) and they write... Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and the add looks real good..... The main reason I'm writing is to let you know that we got a call from your site at 3:30 PM today. -- That was GREAT. What was that about 3 hours after listing it! #338

Bill became a subscriber 1 year ago and sent this note along with the annual renewal... 7/2006 The WEB site has worked out very well for us. So well in fact that I have not had to advertise in the paper.#164

Frank became a subscriber 1 year ago and sent this note along with the annual renewal... Thank you for a very successful year, if I can be a reference, have anyone contact us. #114

Frank became a subscriber September 5, '05 and writes on April 25th......Thanks to your web sites, my villa was entirely rented for all of 2006 and is rented through July 2007. I keep getting calls for early next year.... #170

Ron became a subscriber April 20th and writes on April 21st......Thank you very much for your speedy service in setting up my website - it couldn't have been quicker! I will give you more feedback once I have managed to find my way around all the various links etc., I am very pleased with the result... #286

Rene and Sue became subscribers in February 27, 2006 and writes on April 12th...... Putting our house on your site was just awesome for us. We had so many phone calls. We will be renting it out from Oct. 2006-March 2007 with the option for the renter to stay an addition 2 weeks in April. #266

Stan subscribed on 3/26 and writes on 3/28.... I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. Everything looks good. With a little luck we should be able to rent this house soon. See ya at the Villages sometime. #279

Tim and Terri became subscribers on March 18 and write...... Thank you for all of your time on getting us started. I hope we bump into you sometime while Terri and I are in The Villages #274

Paul became a subscriber 3/14, entered his info on 3/18 and writes on 3/20....Already getting calls. Site looks great. #272

Sue became a subscriber on Nov 28, 2005 and writes on March 14, 2006...... Thanks to leads from your website, we have booked some of the most difficult months, July, August and September. We are now fully booked through April 2007. We would like to commit that we will renew our subscription next year so that we can advertise past May 2007. Thanks. Sue #215

Jim and Diane ... became subscribers February 25th and writes on February 25th..... Looks terrific! Thanks for all you do! #263

Brenda writes.... We have had such great success with our web pg., in fact when people call me for renting on months mine is taken, I refer them back to the web site to view others in hopes someone else has something in their price range. This was a great idea that you came up with, and so helpful to a lot of us. Brenda #211

Louise ... became a subscriber January 29th (2006) and writes on February 9th ..... Having a very positive action from the Ad. Thanks so much for providing me this service. #254

Toni became a subscriber January 30th (2006) and writes on February 3rd...... I already received an inquiry about renting the place for 5 months next year. WOW! #257

Hal became a subscriber October 5th and writes.... We have received serious inquiries from quality potential renters beginning the first day our home appeared on website. We have achieved our occupancy goals and couldn't be more pleased. January 11, 2006 #185

Donna (and Mike) became subscribers today at 2:00pm, they wrote at 5:45pm....Wow! We already have an interested person. DM Guyot, January 8th, 2006 #242

J became a subscriber December 3rd and writes.... We did rent the house (actually longer than we planned - Feb through June) - we are very pleased. J.G., December 23rd #219

Joan became a subscriber December 7th and writes.... Looks great,.... You won't believe this, but I have Feb. rented by a woman who saw the website just today. ... Thanks for your help.... Joan B. December 8th #224

Brenda became a subscriber on November 14th and writes... Thank you for all of your help in getting my page up and going and we are now rented for Dec. 05, Jan. Feb., March,06. WOW!!!! Brenda 11/27/05 #211

Ron became a subscriber on October 10th and writes.... Your website definitely works! It was easy to navigate your input screens and enter our information. The final product looks very professional. Our photos look great. Better yet, within 48 hours we had five inquiries for Winter 2006 rentals. Thanks again, Ron 10/17

Suzanne became subscribers on August 24th.... Thanks so much for the help setting up the site for our home. The house has had lots of activity and is rented for the winter. 9/9 #161

Carol and Frank became subscribers on June 13th.... We were one of your first subscribers, it is great to see how much you have grown in such a short time. We had immediate success with our property. You focus on satisfying your customers. You made the website user friendly for eveyone. Thanks for your attention to detail and your quick response to any requests.
GREAT JOB!!! Thanks for your help Carol and Frank 9/3/05 >>> #114

Judy became a subscriber the afternoon of 9/1, she comments the following day (9/2).... Thanks Don - went to the site - looks great. Have already rented Jan & Feb. - thru your site.#163

Vic became a subscriber on 8/15 and sent this note on 8/26..... I probably got 10 or more inquiries within the first 72 hrs. I could have rented it within 24 hrs. for 1 or 2 months but I held out for Jan-Mar and eventually got a hit. I think it took 3 or 4 days. Actually had it rented before I rented it before I took title last Friday. The funny thing is when we first put it on the web site, the pictures were'nt even up and people were calling to asking where they were. I haven't gotten inquiries for any other months. Any idea as to what king of demand I might expect for other months ? Also I will probably be changing some of the pictures. I'll let you know when. Thanks Vic #157

My name and phone number appeared on the website one day before any home information, dates, prices, or pictures appeared. Within three hours of my name appearing, I had rented our home for January through March. Not only that, the renter is the best friend of the couple across the street! I received 12 calls or emails in the first 24 hours. That was 5 days ago, and today I rented our home for November and December also. I owe it all to Don and his expert photography, user-friendly website, and willingness to share his vast knowledge and skill. Thank you, Don! We never could have done this without you. Jill 8/17/05 #155

8/13/2005, from Ken who subscribed 7/1/15...I rented the house for Jan, Feb, &March. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP, YOUR WEB SITE IS TOPS.

8/13/05, From Sandra...Your site works! We rented in 4 days! # 153

Bill joined our web Tuesday 8/9/05 at 3:00pm and commented Wednesday morning...btw (by the way), before I had the chance to even log into the website, I had already received two phone calls and one email asking about my villa. Thanks does not seem to be enough to say..... 8/10/05 Bill #152

Looks great. You did a fine job! Thanks Donna & Jan 8/7/05 #151

Thanks, you did a great job editing my pictures and text. The original set up using your instructions were very easy and logical to follow. I'm glad I saw your ad in the Village Sun!! Thanks, Brian Ashton 7/30/05 #141


On our web site less than 24 hours and it's rented! From Marci who became a subscriber on Friday 7/22 at ~6pm, on Saturday at 12pm (noon) Marci writes...Hi Don, Thanks for your help! We have already received an email for someone who is interested in Jan and possibly Feb. Marci #138
Marci's E-mail at 6pm Saturday 7/23.... Thanks looks great....and we already have it rented for Jan/Feb...

7/21/05 The pictures have been uploaded. Please check if anything needs tweaking. Very impressed with this service. Judy #127

7/16/05Don, The photos look just fine. You did a great job! Thanks so much for your efficient and excellent service. Beverly #126

7/2/05 Email Subject: Congratulations on your truly Professional Web Site
Dear Don,
I feel that I must congratulate you on your Web Site It has been the friendliest and easiest Web Hosting site that I have ever used. It has also been the most professional and your charges the most reasonable. You have, not only, made it so easy for me to self edit from my own Computer here in Scotland, UK; but you have also offered me the most useful advice I have ever received from a Web Site Host. On top of all that, you have taken my, rather amateurish photographs and turned them into something that looks really professional.
I wish you (and you deserve it) every success with the site.
Once again, thanks a million.
Best wishes
Ron (Scotland. UK.)